Horse Training Ball

training ball

Jolly Mega Ball is a great training toy for your horse. The hard-wearing inflatable boat has been specially developed for horses. For training or fun use. The Jolly Mega Ball is designed for extra durability for horses of all sizes. It is emptied and sold separately packed from the cover.

The Jolly Megaball Ball

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Horsemen's Pride Jolly Megaball Ball. A high performance inflation ball specially designed for the horse. A long-lasting training ball that can be used for pleasure or training and is a favourite of natural horsemanship professionals. Remember: The Megaball and Megaball covers are purchased seperately. Sizes available: 25", 30" and 40" Jolly Megaball Cover by Horsemen's Pride.

Made as a decoration and protection for the Jolly Mega Ball. Available in three different size and design options that are fully compliant with your Jolly Mega Ball. Ornamental case for use with Jolly Mega Ball.

The Jolly Megaball Ball

Buying the article "Returned, Used, Excellent condition" to conserve a few dollars. Pulling the plunger out, putting it in the ball, I began to plump. It didn't get any larger. Actually, I could actually pick up that rough noise from the back of the ball. Looking around and apparently the one who came back used a case trimmer or a blade to open it.

Of course they must have given it back as faulty because it couldn't have kept the wind for them better than for me. When I packed it again and sent it back, they repaid the cargo. There was no way I could explain why I had to pay the full price for a new ball, and my puppy wouldn't speak to me for two whole day (he's not nearly as big as a horse, but when I said it was a "horse ball", he snorted his breast and I swore he was whining.

Australia Cattle Dog's are extremely smart, but that was the first experience I had that he talked horse as well as English and Blue Heeler.

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