Horse Training Certification

Certification for horse training

Participate in online horse courses and horse training courses. Obtain a stable manager certification, riding instructor certification or horse trainer certification. Becoming a horse trainer Stage One: Training Certification Requirement Stage One: Once these skills are completed, the learner receives the Levels One training certificate. Two: Two: Two: Two: Prerequisites for certification for Level Two training: After completing these prerequisites, the learner receives the Levels Two training certificate. Three: Three:: Training Certification Stage Three Requirements:

Once these prerequisites have been met, the learner receives the Level Three training certificate. The certification is a decisive milestone on the way to becoming a horse coach.

The certification as a Certified Trainer certifies the dedication to continuous further training, which results in a constantly growing group of experienced and competent riders.

The certification as a Certified Trainer certifies the dedication to continuous further training, which results in a constantly growing group of experienced and competent riders. To obtain and sustain certification, instructors are screened for a wide range of career -related information, which includes training technique, horse and equestrian security, equestrian art and ethical practices.

TCP Committee's hopes are that the know-how conveyed during the trainer certification processes will be transferred from the trainer to the student, who is the horse industry's bright sun. Accredited instructors benefit from the following advantages:

Certification Program for Horse Training

No matter what your objective, the C&C Colt Company Horse Training Certification Program can help you through a versatile learning environment that allows you to study in a number of ways. Chris as a college graduate will be teaching you the principles of the C&C Colt Company Philosophie of how to create a steady and steady horse, a clear horse view, tenderness, feeling and an autonomous and safe fit.

It guides the pupil through the theoretical training method and assists him to acquire the necessary communicative, emotional and equestrian abilities to create a solid basis for a self-confident and willing horse. By the end of their studies, each pupil receives a certificate confirming their performance and attendance at the C&C Colt Company.

At the end of the training, persons with vocational ambitions will undergo a Skillset Examination in order to attain Endorsed/Approved Trainer level. The C&C Colt Company's Horse Training Certification Programme is the most versatile and cost-effective nature-based horse training programme on the market. It is this inflexibility that assures that all our pupils can successfully finish the programme, from those who aspire to a serious horse training careers to those who simply want to broaden their understanding and abilities for their own individual development.

At the same programme, the number of simultaneous attendees is restricted to four, so that each pupil receives personal support. Pupils can take their own horse with them to work on particular topics or developments, or for those looking for a general riding education there is a large selection of horse to work with at the farm.

In the beginning of the programme, each pupil fills in a target sheet to describe their aims and needs. C&C Colt Company students' experiences are tailor-made to meet these unique needs. No matter whether your aims are professionally or you want to enjoy a pleasant horse riding trip with your horse, we have a programme to suit your needs, your life style and your personal needs.

In contrast to most other equestrian programmes available today, our training programme is fully adaptable and adaptable. Each pupil is assessed by Chris on an individual basis and his abilities are measured in the areas of floor work, horse behaviour readings and in the saddle. Each pupil is assessed by Chris. In this way it is ensured that each pupil is equipped with the appropriate degree of difficulty and that the best possible teaching atmosphere is created.

Shared topics in Chris' training programme are treated accordingly, from the first stages of the young horse's training to refining students' equestrian abilities in order to prepare for intermediate level horseback training (see Lessons & Clinic page for more information on these topics). The C&C Colt Company is located in the centre of Texas Horse Land and also includes a variety of horse-related extra-curricular pursuits, such as relaxed walking tours and excursions to horse shows, shows and hospitals.

With our programme you can get to know like-minded horse lovers from all over the globe. As well as the experience of studying, the pupils will be in the "horse heaven" of Texas, where the diversity of discipline, possibilities and experience is endless. Pupils are also welcome to integrate tourist attractions into their stays to make the most of their Lone Star State experience.

Learn more about Texas. Foreigners are welcome and encourage to get in touch with us about our programme. Every pupil is permitted to take one horse with him or has entrance to a horse of the C&C Colt Company for training. The pupil is in charge of the nutrition of himself and his horse as well as the day-to-day maintenance and servicing of his horse.

For those who cannot take their own horse with them, there is no extra cost for them. Has to be able to drive at a pace and pace in an arena. Mm. There is a fully fitted galley, a washroom and a very spacious lounge with DVD's for riding lessons and reading material.

Holiday home is within walk direction of the farm for ease of use.

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