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Best 50 Horse Movies Next best thing to horseback-riding is watching horse movies. Was Horse is an inspirational movie about the connection between a man and his horse in 2011. One of the most memorable stories in the world, this book investigates the force of charity and fellowship in a wartime world. Seabiscuit takes place during the period of recession and recounts the real history of an inferior racing horse that inspires the people.

Cimarron' s colt recounts the tale of a ferocious colt (so ferocious that he could only be a cartoon) as he crosses the west border. The National Velvet plays the young Liz Taylor as Velvet Brown, a young rider who won a suppressed horse in a raffle and tries to turn him into a champions.

Following a wreck that caused the young Alec to land on an isle with a strange Arab stud, the youngster and the horse have to find a joint base. Black Horse will tell the tale of their salvation and the connection they make as they get ready for the country's quickest horse-racing.

Aldaniti ( what else?) Bob Champion and his horse surmount multiple hurdles in this 1981 movie built on a real history. The Hidalgo stories tell the tale of a Pony Express messenger and his horse, Hidalgo, who journey together to Arabia to take part in a mythical horse racing event. With an incredibly enchanting Dakota Fanning, Dreamer recounts the tale of a horse-mad little gal and her quest to rehab an injured horse.

Horse Whisperer is a movie about a good -looking horse coach (Robert Redford) who assists a young woman (Scarlett Johansson) and her horse on their way to healing after a traumatic horsewreck. With a young Zac Efron, The Derby Stallion is exploring the connection between a former coach and a stubborn 15-year-old young man with a love of the horse.

The All Roads Lead Home follows the life-changing relation between a young woman, a horse and a hound (alias the Holy Trinity) after a dramatic tragedy. The Horse Sense narrates the tale of two husbands and their one-month adventures on the farm. A young maiden takes care of the filly of her mother's horse after the daughter's daughter's death in a horsewreck.

A young girl's television story and her quest for a winner horse for her horse coach aunt. Black Beauty, which took place in England in the 1870s, is the stud that tells the story of this favourite sire. With Tim McGraw in the lead, Flicka is about a young woman trying to domesticate a savage musang and make it her own while she proves to her dad that she has what it takes to take over the farm.

Horsemasters accompanies a group of student workers who work relentlessly to obtain the important certificate of the prestigious UK Horse Society. Searching for a use in a corporate driven environment, The Horse in the Gray Flannel turns around a merchant and his use/exploitation of his daughter's horse to commercialize and sponsor a gastric drug.

Phar Lap was an unbelievable real history and was a popular Aussie race horse in the 1930s. It examines his prosperous and dramatically charged lives as he takes part in performances throughout Europe and the United States. The 1995 movie with Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid follows Grace (Roberts), the daugther of a horse farmer (Robert Duvall), after she learned that her man had an affair. This movie is about her father's family.

Played in mediaeval France, this wonderful movie is a favourite for many horse and Fantasy enthusiasts, but no wards. Former Rohdeo co-owboy is employed as spokesman for a grain firm in Las Vegas, but walks away in costumes on an electrically lighted horse in this 1979 romantic adventures with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.

Arguably, A Day At The Races is the Marx Brothers' battle against a vet pretending to be a medical practitioner, a race horse holder, and an unsuitable race horse trying together to keep a sanatorium open. In Dublin, two poor gipsy boy go on an Epic quest as they accompany a strange horse into the Connemara.

Young foals are raised by a youngster and his sire and trained to All America Quarter Horse Futurity. Featuring the rousing novel by Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses plays Matt Damon as Texas Rancher on an intensive trip to Mexico after his father's deaths.

A taxi rider gets to know about a horse racing that is about to be repaired and gains a lot. He ignores the counsel of those around him and chooses to put everything on a horse called Hot to Trot. Wild Harts Can't Be Break is the tale of a teenager who landed during the depression and works as a steady arm for a girl-horse dive even though she dreamt of being a scuba diver herself.

As a temperamental teenager finds a missing cheque pin, she gives the horse back to its owners, but convinces the horse that it has the talent to become a championship show-jumper and lets the owners educate her and the horse for the Bow Valley Classic. This is the real history of the famous Ruffian foal, from her ascent to fame in the 1970s to her sad fall on the race track.

But when two gals are abducted for money, their horse, Two Bits and Pepper, slip into a scheme to save them. On the basis of no real history. An unsettled teenager finds an unsettled horse and the two set off on the road to salvation. Another woman is telling her daugther a tale about the Prince of the Brumbies, who were wild Australian males.

Wife and girl move to Colorado after her guy goes. When she finds rest and cure (and perhaps a little love) at work on a horse ranch, she finally enters a top-class equestrian contest with her horse. The Phantom is a ferocious horse owned by two brothers and sisters.

Phantom has a little treat for the kids: a filly called Misty. Pursuit of Honor recounts the tale of a cavalry unit of the United States that defends itself against orders by resisting the butchering of its horse. Horse Boy is an inspirational documentation inspired by the biography of a father's trip to his own child.

This is a 1992 movie about a young man doing civilian duty in a stall in a local town. One 1958 Walt Disney Western, Tonka is about a US horse veteran of the Battle of Little Big Horn. Abbott and Costello, after giving sweets to a horse and unintentionally murdering it, began to make reparations in this 1943 play.

The 1952 movie investigates the shabby side of race track racing. After the death of his celebrity hockey, Boots Malone follows the tale of an operative who has gone through difficult periods. The Wall of Noise is a 1963 race track tragedy about a distinguished horse coach who, with the help of the abandoned wives of another horse lover, becomes the owners of a race horse.

Exploring the powers of loving, richness and devotion. In a 1949 movie, a young man is shown who is able to precisely forecast the horse race champion by swinging back and forth on his own swinging horse.

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