Horse Training Tools


This is a great and durable training device. "...great training device at a price!

There is nothing better for the connection of your horse to you than freedom training.

Accessories for horse training

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Trade Tools - The Use of Artificial Training Tools

Who is an artifical training device? Check it out and you'll get a rough sketch that will vary by discipline, barn and coach. These turning points are often used for a specific purpose, from those traditionally seen in the fighter, to sweater bands such as Martingale, to those that are only permitted outside the show ring, such as pull lines - they are great tools for training a horse.

Even though the definitions are blurred, the use of training tools has powerful views on both sides - some drivers prefer them while others do not. In order to purify the atmosphere, we have looked at the concern about the use of synthetic training tools in the competition hunter/jumper circle and the advantages and drawbacks of such tools.

Since there is no actual description of what constitutes a training aid, it can be difficult to determine whether a turning point is regarded as such. The ones excluded from the show ring, such as rein s, head tensioners and champions, to name but a few, are often seen as extra tools to improve a horse's outperformance.

However, the classical complement to a show hunter's hunting clothes, a Martin Gal, is also regarded as man-made, despite the rare occurrence of a horse showing over a fence without one. In spite of the dispute about the subject, the use of tools can be very advantageous for the training of a horse if used properly. In most cases synthetic training devices are used during the lunge step or under the seat on the level and above all with trained fingers.

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