Horse Travel Rug

Travel carpet for horses

For cooling down after sport, for warming up, for layering or for cleaning up when travelling. Radiators dissipate moisture and keep your horse warm and dry. The bed linen and blanket inserts are durable and functional and are available in a variety of fashionable designs. Ideal for on the road and after sports or bathing, cool boxes are a necessity for any horse cupboard. An individually designed horse cooler can be used when travelling or to cover the horse after strenuous exercises.

Ride-Away horse coolers, fleeces & sheets

Collect your four-legged friends during the warm summers with one of our colder carpets or nonwovens. Ideal for on the road and after sports or swimming, cooling boxes are a must for any horse cupboard. At Ride-Away we have a wide selection of radiators and nonwovens so you can be sure to find the right nonwoven for your horse and we also have a selection of travel shoes to make your horse look good on your way to your big show.

Search our wide selection of moisture-transporting radiators and nonwovens from major manufacturers such as Weatherbeeta, Horseware and Thermatex to make your horse look shining and well. At Ride-Away we are always in the process of update our collection to offer you the latest fashion and technologies so that you and your horse are always up to date.

Carpets for horses

Kadence 5ft Carpet in great state. Perfect for on the road or for dry. NEW GEE TAC HORSE VELVET SHOW VELVET CARPET RED (#221087029250). Rug Navy Travel Sweat Cooler 4 Foot 6 4'6 Fleece" This ultra-slim, refined series features the best fabrics and will make you proud to come to an off-road or canter.

Featuring a naval weave and corded reds, whites and blues, this carpet will make an impression on your horse this year and is truly out-of-the-ordinary. Breathtaking 5ft 3" Burgundian with golden pipings and velvety show carpet, made by the Equipment clothing factory. Used in good state only in the show ring, but on a gray bangs so inevitably gray hair.

With detachable suede-cover, front fastening of buckles and back straps for a filet-line. Carpet for sell as I no longer have the bangs, this rug has the bonnet name on could simply be untitched and substituted. After a horse has been unsaddled, use a blanket of cotton wool to keep it from overcooling.

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