Horse Treat Ball

Equine Treatment Ball

Relieve the boredom in the stable or engage your horse in his paddock with this colourful ball. Buy SmartPak for a wide range of horse treats and toys. Jimmy's Uncle Hanging Eggs, Preferences and Funny Eggs are ideal for boredom in the barn.

I do! Equipment Equine Ball Hopper Filling Treat Dispenser & Slow Feeder "A Toy with Purpose", 10" W x 10" W, 10" W, Purple

With a 2 " aperture and tapered inlet, it serves as a modifi ed hopper to allow easy flow in of cereals and pellet ised delicacies and reduce pouring during loading. It' perfect for large lumps of carrots and Timothy dice, and slows down those animals that have a tendency to fall.

On the inside of the opening there is a large labellum so that the delicacies or dice do not fall out too easy. Whether inside or outside, Nose-It! keeps your horse content and content and focuses his attentions on what is inside the Nose-It! ball. Noise-It! functions as a stable Buddhdy or willow Buddhdy that keeps your horse busy for countless hours! Your horse will be in a good mood!

Horse ball made of groundbreaking material and shape technology, specially designed for your horse. Put it in a feeder to allow a metered slowly feeding of the cereal, or the most popular delicacies can be rationed when they are put in.

Ball-feeder horse toy by Schires

Horse's having fun! HIGHEST recommended as an alternate to slowly feeding networks, etc. "My asses like it, now I have to find more low-mast goodies for it." "Life-saver," I got this for a five-year-old in a pit stop. "I have purchased this for my daughter's four-high swine to help them with being bored and to keep them actively.

I have to save more for my horse and mule. "The horse in my horse likes this game! "I' m the pets expert here at Jeffers, and I just bought the ball feeder for Winston, my Pot Belly Pig. These " delicacies " come out slowly enough to be provocative, but quickly enough to keep him busy!

"The Great slow feeder" purchased them for our Santa Claus bonuses, which are in group situation. Also we use 1" slowly feeding barnets. The tyrants avoid getting most of the food, and they help keep our insulin-resistant animals from suffering from blood glucose spikes and dips.

"Everybody's best stable toys (well done so far)!!!! "I ran into the Sires who actually handle the ball in a mall. Every man they had, I immediately purchased them. When I was young, my horse ranged from young to old and I wanted to try them out with all, but especially with my older and old horse.

I had boarding students who were buying and successfully using the other great dispensers. "It'?s pretty hard to get any goodies out of this device." I didn't think my horse was nearly ready to make the effort. "Return for more" Paid for my horse that's in the sack. They love it and the shallow sides prevent it from coming out of the stable (mostly).

The other horse has a treat for my dog, and his horse keeps going away, so I buy him one of these. The ball is filled with grass and it works like a slower feeding machine. "Grand Toy" Purchased several gadgets to keep my boy occupied, but that's the only one he can use.

"Perfektes Pferdespielzeug" I purchased it for my curious little bangs because I thought it would help him keep up. Well, within 5 min after using the toys, both he and my filly (unexpectedly) rolled them around and argued about who was allowed to use them. Today I put about 1 cm of cereal in it again and the bangs have been moving it around for about an hours.

"I' ve had my horse love this for four months." Well, I got it after my horse passed away and the other one got tired of me. with him every single evening.

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