Horse Treats

equestrian delicacies

You can browse our huge selection of delicious horse treats such as nature, peppermint, apple, carrot, molasses and more. We have a large selection of delicious horse delicacies which are the perfect way to spoil your horse! You can reward your horse for his performance in several ways by feeding him our delicious horse treats. Treat your horse with a healthy horse biscuit or treat him with brands like Mrs. Pasture's, Paddock Cakes and Uncle Jimmy's from Mary's Tack and Feed.

equestrian delicacies

The horse or bangs deserve horse treats from favourite labels like Mrs. Pastures, Applezz N' Oats, Paddock Cakes, Rounders®, Likit? and more. Have a look at our enormous range of tasty horse treats such as nature, mint, apples, carrots, Molasse and more. Spoil your horse with a tasty snack and thank him for always being there for you.

equestrian delicacies

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Horse Treats for sale - Tailors

Spoiling your horse with tasty treats is an excellent opportunity to appreciate his achievements. We' ve chosen treats that have a high nutritive value and contain essential microelements in all your horse' s favourite flavours. Snacks are not taken back. You horse deserve a tidbit for a good workout or a good horseback riding, and that is exactly what you can offer for purchase with our range of horse delicacies.

The best delicacies that are both delicious and contain many of the nutrients and mineral nutrients your horse needs. Delicacies from horses are an outstanding way of positively reinforcing an animal, showing that you are proud of your achievements. Her horse looks forward to these delicacies and does what it takes to make them!

Schneider only offers horse treats that are used and recommended by the best vets and breeders. These are made with man-made additives, and in additon to the usual wheat-based horse treats, we also have choices that use riceinseed. They are a good option for those with problems with weight or metabolism.

As well as the macrofats, protein and fibres needed for daily horse back rides, our treats contain microelements that are necessary for long-term bodily and intellectual work. With carrots, apples, peppermints and other flavours, there is something that will please your horse's gustatory nerves.

Schneiders offers even the choosiest horse a delicacy it loves. There are also a number of minerals and hangings that last for a few days and are often self-entertaining. There is no lack of tasty and nourishing horse delicacies in our stock. They do not contain any synthetic flavours, colourings or conservatives that could impair your horse's performances.

Reward your horse with a great tidbit during and after a show or workout. Please be aware that equine delicacies cannot be taken back.

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