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Vetsense (Otiderm Ear and Wound Cleaner). Most of our clients live hundreds of miles away from our clinic and can only see us at the horse shows we participate in. Buy horse feed, vaccines, shampoo & more at great prices. Don't just trust everyone with your horse's health and medication.

Team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses selling real professional products.


You can reach the Online-Shop of ÖVEDS around the clock and 365 day a year. Our goal is to offer excellent customer service and ensure on-time deliveries. This includes both veterinarian and animal healthcare commodities, all of which are quoted in AUD. Hopefully you will find our website easily navigable and that our shops will be a touch of freshness.

equine medicine

Don't just put everyone's faith in your horse's good looks and medication. Her horse is a very rare and peculiar creature, even among other animals, and most of the time the generics will not be good enough. Do you want your horse to be back in top form as soon as possible?

They need someone who can understand the horses' condition and offer highly specialized counsel, solution and medicines. At Hagyard we maintain, care for and sell a complete stock of prescribed horse medicines. This includes among others preparations for foals and breeds, EPM preparations, antibacterials, hormonal therapies, preparations for ulcers and dermatics. When we don't have exactly what you need, we work directly with your horse's vet to develop a particular drug ourselves using our proprietary PCAB-accredited horse compounder.

Our compound medicines are backed by us so that you know your horse stays safely and receives a top of the line horse treatment. There is also a full range of over-the-counter and over-the-counter medicines for equine use. This includes dermal and trauma sets, ankle protectors, supports, worms, vitamines and analytes, dairy substitutes, surgery accessories and foot care tools.

All you need for your horse is available from Hagyard. Come and see us, give us a call or order online. You will find that there is no better way to keep your horse in top form! With our PCAB-accredited prescribing compound ing services, you can be confident that your horse will receive safer and more efficient medicines.

Many years of continuous surveillance of the use of different medicines and formulas in virtually a thousand equine patients have added to the know-how and skills of Hagyard veterinaries and chemists. We provide you with what your horse really needs, and we support you with suggested doses and other treatments you won't find anywhere else.

That' s why so many humans entrust the good fortune of their horses to us, and so should you. It is his continued commitment to strive in every respect to offer only the best for optimum horse wellbeing.

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