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When the Carr fire was burning nearby, a group of men worked to lock up a horse that was running free in the Redding area. Watch exclusive Crazy Horse videos and features. Horsedrawn, jumpin' barrier at Devon Horse Show The Devon Horse Show video shows a fierce sequence of one of the riders breaking out, obstructing the fences in the bleachers and making a run. An astonished mob shouted as the horse ran back into the stables. Later the horse was securely trapped in the stables, transported home and examined by a vet.

Officers say the horse has been scratched. The officers also say that the driver got out of the coach immediately and was not hurt.

Music by Kacey Musgrave's "High Horse" video

The unexpected perfection of Kacey Musgraves' discount countrysingle "High Horse" is a climax of this spring's golden hour, and today she gets a glamourous video that is also very much discotheque and a little countrys. While Musgraves plays with a discotheque ballpoint pens, she dreams of lashing her shabby chiefs and beating the karaoke clubs in thigh-high socks.

Remain on it for a camera of a fake Donald Trump in a poor hairpiece, as well as a real horse (undefined height).

Wife Adopting a Wild Horse and Makes Him Her Best Friends - Videos

That fierce horse was herded by the US administration - but he won the lottery when his new mother adopted him. On Soulmates today, you see how Amado's mother gradually won his confidence and made him her best mate. He embraces her and lets her horse run him while he swims!

Watch Kacey Musgraves' sparkling disco party in the video'High Horse'.

One of several outstanding songs on their 2018 Golden Hour record, Kacey Musgraves' "High Horse" combines full-dance able discos with full length dance music, full length dance music, dance music and barbwire music. In Hannah Lux Davis' new video, she uses the same kind of mixedology by interweaving glorious vintage styles with surrealistic fantasies.

In keeping with the discount boom of the title, Musgraves performs a laborer who endures the grind of a smoky bureau from the mid-seventies. Her dream is to betray them all and spend the evening with her boyfriends in a traditional Japenese styled karaoke club to finally make an unforgettable ride on a horse.

It was Musgraves who sent this event on Harry Styles' global concert tours, which ended this week-end with two shows at the Forum in Los Angeles.

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