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The Equine multivitamins offer a range of vitamins and minerals to close the gap and ensure your horse gets everything it needs. You may have heard and heard that your horse needs its vitamins. Don't forget to give your horse his vitamins! Equine vitamins and mineral supplements promote the health and well-being of the horse and help to replenish nutrients that may be missing in your horse's normal diet. Bestseller in horse vitamins &


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SANITIZER Health-E provides maximal potency of vitamine D for the horse. Designed to give older and neurologically troubled ponies a high level of vitamine and help them get back to top performances more quickly. Can supply missing food to equine patients with neurologic problems such as chills, PSSM, EPM, EDP and MPE.

It is perfect for all types of horse, especially for show, stud and showpieces. It is a high concentration food grade food supplements containing higher amounts of vitamine in combination with alfa flour (highly edible carrier). Feeding grownups 1/2 oz a day for care or twice a day for anxiety.

The Elevate Maintenance Powder is a supplement of vitamine D for the horse. Perfect for use on feeds consisting mainly of treated grain and forage. Every 7g bucket of Elevate Maintenance Powder provides 1000 IE of d-alpha-tocopherolcetate ( "natural vitamine E"). Feeds 1-5 measuring spoons per 1000 pounds. per day.

Top gown on daytime rations. Manufactured from omega-3 stabilised, newly milled linseed to provide a glossy fur, thick hoofs and perfect conditions for optimum harvest.

It is not only one of the hotest products on the modern horse markets, but it is also healthful and provides many important mineral benefits for your horse. Offers 20,000 IU of vitamine and 32 mg of Selenium per lb for optimal muscle nutrition. Every 1/2 ounce contains 1 mg Selene.

High quality gown with 1/4 to 1/2 ball every day. PuriC Premium Quality Horse Vitamine is a highly focused source of vitamine which is an important anti-stress nutritive and co-factor in the preservation and reparation of tissues, immunity and several hundred other physiologic expression. Vitamine D is justifiably referred to as "the work horse of vitamins".

Reines C is 98% Ascorbinsäure - the most economic way to give your horse this vitally important nutritive substance. Feeding 1/4-ounce a day for servicing, or 1/4 ounce twice a day in times of disease or excessive strain. Three of the three most important sources of aminos for a low-protein diet in equine nutrition.

Every 20 g ball of Tri Amino contains 10 g l-lysine, 5 g dl-methionine and 2 g l-theonine. Feeds 1 measuring spoon (20 g) a day. It contains practically all useful nutrients to enhance the horse's health and performances. And all the important vitamins and minutes. Adult 2-ounce, broodmares 4 ounces a day.

This is a highly effective, naturally occurring vitamins preparation that is particularly high in vitamins A, D and B12. Feeds 1-2 spoonfuls twice a day. The EQU-SeE is a food additive for the horse with a lack of vitamine D and a lack of salt water. Seven milligrams of selenium and 20,000 IU of vitamine I. Usually the suggested dose is 0.1 to 0.3 to 0.3 ppm or 1/2 to 1-1/2 teaspoons per 10 pounds of food consumed/day.

Dose for 1000 lb. horse is suggested at 1 - 3 hsp per day.

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