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RX $75 Min. order value including shipping and handling Both Ulergard and Gastrogard (RX only) contain 2. 28 g omeprazole, no longer payable for Gastrogard. Our sales of immunization are at the lowest possible price. No-repayable and non-repayable by federal law, com provides retail pricing directly to horse breeders on over 900 horse healthcare items, horse supplements to prevent peptic ulcers and ulcers include ulcers, horse supplements such as horse shots, WNile horse supplements, WNIL viral, WNIL viral, WNIL viral, horses, supplements, Starttor granulates, psyllium pellets,

The BioGold Plus, Prime Performance Foodstuffs, Horse Immunizations, Zoetis Horse Immunizations, Horse Immunizations, Boehringer-Ingelheim Horse Immunizations, Vetera Gold XP, Elanco Immunizations, Zoetis Immunizations, Merck Immunizations, Horse Immunizations, West Nile Innovator, West Nile Innovator + EWT, West Nile Innovator + VEWT, West-Nil Equine inoculant, Fluvac Innovator 4, Fluvac Innovator 5, Fluvac Innovator 6, Fluvac Innovator EHV-4/1, Botvax B, Encevac T (Intervet), Calvenza 03 EIV/EHV, Vetera GoldXP, Prestige V, Prestige 5 + WNV (Merck), Equ, Equirab, Pinnacle IN, Strepvax II, Strangles inoculants,

Pneumobort K+1b, Prodigy, Potomavac Horse Fever inoculant, Potomavac + Imrab, Botvax B, Setle for Mares, CDT, Tetanus Antitoxin, Tetanus Toxoid, Lepto EQ, Seramune, Fluvac Innovator, Equine E Coli Endotox Paste, Equine Magic Salve, and Equi-Bac Gel and Bio-Sponge bio-sponants. Apoquel, Nexgard, Bravecto, Comfortis, Equioxx and Adequan are among RX equine, dog and cat care items.

It also offers many well-liked horse arthroplasty additions such as APF Pro, Cosequin ASU, Conquer Liquid, Recovery EQ-HA, Cosequin 1400 grams Equine Powder, Cosequin optimized with MSM, Equithrive, Durasole, Biotin 800 Cellular 800 Cell, Biotin 800Z Cellular 800 Cell, Aerosol de Vetericyn HydroGel et Vetericyn VF Spray, Biotin Pellet, Cipex Pellet, Cipex Pellets, Cushing Blend, Derma Cloth, EcoVet Fly Repellant, Strongid Paste Horse Wormer(Zoetis), Epsom Salt, Equi Bac Oral Gel, Furazone, Grand Coat Supplement, Grand Complete, Grand Flex, Grand Flex, Grand H. A.,

Grand Vite, Grand Meadows Hufpulver, Herbal Bute, Latex Untersuchungshandschuhe, MSM Pulver, Muscle Up Powder, Permethrin 10%, Recovery EQ-HA, Remission, Repel XP, Say Whoa, SBS Hoof Builder, Stethoskop, Super Lyte Electrolyte Paste, Equine Fly Mask, Thrush Magic, Thrush Stop Thrush et Wipe. We also offer all natural and homeopathic equine healthcare with free shipping on orders of $65.

Boehringer Ingelheim also offers dog and cat vaccines: Bivalent Influenza Flu Influenza Lymevax, Spectra 9, Lymevax, Lyme, Nobivac DAPPv, CV, Nobivac DAPPv + CV, 1-DAPPv +L4, Vanguard Plus 5, DPV Puppy DPV, Intra Trac 3, Bronchi Shield Oral, Bronchi Shield 3, Bronchicin, Norivac Flu Bivanent Flu Bivanent Inoculant, Duramune Max 5, Duramune Max 5/4L, Duramune Max 5 CVK, Duramune Max 5 CVK 4/L, Kennel Jec, Spectra 9, and Rabvac 3, Rabvac 1,Rabies Tags, also offers Elanco Cannine and Feline Immunizations,

Nobivac Feline 1-HCPCh, Nobivac Feline 1-HCPHCh + FeLV, Neo Par, Neo Vac DA2, H3N2, Lepto 4, K9 Advantage II for canine, Frontline Plus, Bio Spot for canine and cat, Fish Flex, Fish Mox, Fish Tapes, Fish Zole, Fortiflora, Microchip, Free Shipping is available on all horse stables within the 48 Continentale US States on order of $70.

100 or more, without vaccine. Each vaccine will be dispatched by UPS Second Day Air. Immunization is nonreturnable and non-refundable.

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