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There is a wide range of land and equestrian clothing available from leading equestrian brands. Joule, musto, mountain horse, zander and caldene. Homepage - Brands; Brand horse clothing - BHW. Its name comes from the motto "Keep the Chill out" when you put a carpet on a horse.

A premium equestrian shop for horse and rider.

Favorite brands

This is a paradise for horse enthusiasts of all disciplines. We have been and still are one of the major show jumpers in Ireland for the past 20 years and will be the major show jumper at the Pony Owners Charity Show in Millstreet in October. Largest Charityquestrian Show in Ireland.

Kenttucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear was founded in 2011 and quickly became a must-have trademark for protecting horse riding footwear in all sports. The Kentucky Horsewear synthetic fleece is fastened to a woven basis and glued to a woven leather mesh that is both ventilated and breatheable. The production of high-quality synthetic lambskin actually cost more than genuine lambskin.

All Kentucky Horsewear products contain no pet food and that' s good value for money! The Kentucky Horsewear is 100% pet loving.

The best way to protect your horse's leg

Committed drivers, we had tried many different protection styles, but found that we had to be satisfied with either a base one at an accessible cost that quickly deteriorated, or a durable grade with a premium value outfit. Based on our experience in the research and developing of sport articles and food energies, we have found that we can use the same fundamental principle that we have used in the production of top sport footwear for a line of horses.

After the same high standard and with fabrics normally reserved for humans sportsmen, we could construct our first ├╝berlegenen protecting horse boots by combing our own exclusive technologies with singular stylings. We have since added extra items, all with the same goal - providing top of the line items at an accessible cost using the latest technologies and advanced material.

It gives us easy entry to resources that are not normally available in the horse kingdom and allows us to remain at the cutting edge of technology and technology. In contrast to many horse clothing brands that buy base styles from bulk manufacturers and just put their own brands on, Majyk provides only genuine crafts.

Because of our direct working capability, we can bypass the intermediary and provide a better line at much lower cost than other similar product on the shelves. Our business was called after our dear Netherlands warm blood horse Majyk Motion (pronounced Magic.) Majyk died in 2014 after a fight against breast cancer and left a big gap.

She was not only our horse, she was also our test horse, our instructor, our guide and a fierce rival. Dedicated to preserving the heritage of our beautiful business associate, we make their name a synonym for the best of the best and continue to offer you what they would have liked to wear.

The Majyk line is a proud addition to Deynika's collection, having been influenced by her mom. Deynika gave life to our own Duchess or Royal Majyk, as she is formally called, in May 2018. Birthday of the Royal Wedding Anniversary, this will certainly be something out of the ordinary as it has a dual dosage of Majyk - his grandmother is our own Majyk and his dad is Mighty Magic!

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