Horse Wearing Clothes

equestrian clothing

Include a jacket or vest for riding or wearing in town. Leg wear, breeches, leisure wear, competition wear, belts, scarves and much more. T-shirts & Polo's riding shoes. Clothing was in line with this trend, but overall most men could always get on a horse, no matter what they wore, and ride comfortably.

All because of the clothes you packed!

Which are the main ladies' wear for horse shows?

Of course it is your abilities on the horse that are decisive for a good outcome. But your clothes and overall look are also extremely important for maintaining your standard and performing professionally. What is the differ-ence between riding pants and riding pants? Convenience is of paramount importance when it comes to jumps.

They need a coat that fits and looks good, but also offers enough versatility and liberty to keep your horse in good shape at all time. When you are unable to move correctly, you may not be able to manoeuvre your horse exactly as you need it, which could be catastrophic for your points.

HV Polo Hollywood is a classically cut cardigan, available in three colors, made of polyamide and spandex for optimal wearing pleasure and freedom of motion. What you wear is very important for your performance and finally for your points in training. An adapted jackets helps the judge to see the back and nut better - a bulging coat could give the feeling that you are not seated correctly or that you are not seated correctly, which is more than likely to cause loss.

Thanks to the built-in Pikeur Softshell, this narrow Pikeur Ladies Daisy ridin jacket is perfectly suited for competitions to keep you cold andry. His classy yet eye-catching design with cream-coloured weave will attract the jury's attention and at the same time offer a smooth and flexible fitting with lots of motion.

You should have a high neck to see it, but the choice of the right one is as comfortable as everything else - you want a top that is versatile and keeps you cold even in hot weather. They do not want to worry about their clothes, but concentrate on what you and your horse do.

In some events you have to wore a collar and necktie - always make sure to follow the rules. Discreet but elegant, this HV Polo Honeyville competitive polo is so simple and efficient that your rider will do the talk. It has been developed with a nylon-Spandex blend for more freedom of motion and convenience, and the flat lock stitches detail gives the fabric class.

This HV Polo Aron competitive polo is another noble thing, with a breathing covering around the collar bone that not only looks good but also keeps chilly in the sun. As the clothes that are in touch with the horse and rider, your jodhpurs are unbelievably important. Good riding pants, either with a or a full fit, as well as inner patching, improves your feel and position and thus your horse controll.

When you collapse to one side and glide around in the horseback, it not only looks messy, but also has an influence on how your horse is moving. This Pikeur Candela riding pants is a highly fitted model of the 12 " Pikeur " seatpants. These Horseware Ireland weaved competitive pants could be just the thing for you if you are looking for a really amazing riding pants that won't let you down when you need them the most.

You have a full Daewoo stretched fabric fit for maximum horse support and controll. Unless otherwise specified, you should be wearing high heels. Make sure you have a couple that sits properly and gives you a good feeling for the stirrup and the horse - and keep them always shiny!

Suedwind Junior Jump horse jumping shoes are suitable for both adult and junior riders, so that everyone can experience its incredible qualities. Featuring calfskin uppers, Derby lace-up and a lined, OrthoLite insert for great wearing and breathability. Every horse owners or riders will know the pains of transporting everything they need in a safe way.

The Le Mieux saddle pouch has a thick watertight jeans to make sure the bridles stay wet and grips for ease of transport, another important buy for any horse-owners.

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