Horse with Tack on

zippered horse

Get your horse off safely. Rapid corrections for broken zipper on the track In the same way that a car always seems to fail when you're a mile from a gas pump, a zipper tends to crack when you're not near your shed. Breaking a throat bottle clasp is not a big problem, but a cracked leggings or club on the nut brings a serious ripple to your pleasure.

According to the seriousness of the fracture, you can hold a fractured part of your harness together with a replacement harness or laces. Use a pocket knife to cut a few perforations in the near fracture and connect the two pieces. "I also used thin tapes of polyamide, insulation tapes and adhesive tapes to attach the glue along the way," says Jamie Dieterich, a riding art judge at the North American trail ride conference.

"and it' s convenient for repair and more." Part of a cable or a guide cable can be responsible for breaking rein. You can replace a damaged snaffle with a holster with or without the bits fixed to the side collars.

Fractured belt / RCA part is even worst. Apart from the fact that the tack error has probably already led to you falling, you probably don't have a viable substitute. If the circumference does not function properly, you can either go riding without a seat or take the horse home. Check and care for your stickiness as if your whole lives depend on it (it does), and have your repair done at the first sign of tiredness of the perimeter of the saddle/ lashing and wearing areas of the harness where wire and brass mate.

Wear a holster, a leash, a pocket knife or a combined knife such as a "Leatherman". They can also wrap a few yards of rope for on-site repair.

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