Horse work Harness

Harness for horse work

Harness: When working in the harness, most horses wear a special harness with features that are not visible to riders. Single & Double. Trapezoidal/ surcingles tack; work harness.

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As a small company, it has developed into a company that supports the traction and traction horse industries around the world. A number of years of work in this field before 1980 and working with traction and drive ponies have given us nothing new in our whole world.

It is a great advantage for us and the fact that we are the harness manufacturers makes us a great advantage for our clients. It is so much simpler, for example, if there is a dimensional or stylistic issue in the harness, necklaces, shamans, pad etc. or if you need a harness that is made to your requirements, whether it is a specific shape or a specific shape.

Easy Horse Work Style Single & Duplicate

Each harness comes with all the necessary parts. In order to familiarise yourself with these parts, you can see in the enlarged display of each harness image where you can see that each part has a corresponding part number. Spare parts are available separately (see standards). A number of options are also available to cover or alter the harness.

HARNESS STANDARD: All tableware in Nylons, leathers or Biothans shown on-line are available from our stand. Since they are produced in-house, they can be purchased as individual parts or entire kits. PARTICULAR ORDER WARRANTY: Custom-made harness and accessory can be made after consultation with the customer. There are many models and dimensions available, from miniatures to full versions.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for pricing and lead times for custom orders for your specific size and spec. no. of items. In the case of all custom orders, a 50% deposit is required on order entry and the remaining amount on shipment. Please refer to our specific order forms to place your order. THE HARNESS HARNESS: The harness can be taken along or sent for repair, maintenance or lubrication.

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