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At Horse World we serve all types of riders, from beginners to advanced riders. Humboldt, Bristol, United Kingdom. HRSewORLD saves, rehabilitates and rehabilitates horses, ponies and donkeys. This is the place to get to know the Icelandic horse while travelling in Iceland. We' ve got everything you need for your horse and rider, from the race track to the leisure rider.

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Who is HorseWorld - Horse Rescue Rehabilitation and Re-Homing Charity Program

HRSewORLD is a charitable organization committed to rescuing deserted, abused and abused animals such as lost foals, stallions and mules. HorseWorld's essential work 365 days a year is financed by volunteer contributions. They can help change the life of a horse, pony or donkey. The HorseWorld is not open to the general public every single workingday. HorseWorld organizes open days throughout the year.

Founded in 1952 as "The Friends of Bristol Horse Society", the association was created to help rescue the lifes of workhorses that were quickly substituted by motorized cars in the industrial sector. With the motto "Retirement Not Slaughter" - for many they were intended for the slaughterhouse - the Bristol Foundation provided a secure haven for the generous-horse, pony and donkey who had worked all their lifelong on rails, in the shipyards, the collieries, the streets and for the military.

A decade later, workhorses are largely a reminder of the past. However, there is still a very genuine need for this work - to save, restore and resuscitate up to 100 deserted, abused and unattended ponies per year.

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