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Life with horses has something special. Thumbnail Horse World offers print AND digital editions at one price! The Paso Fino Horse World - the official publication of the Paso Fino Horse Association. Midhurst, United Kingdom.

The Horse World Magazine wants you!

Whether you are a horse lover, a traveler or an entrepreneur...Horse World Magazine Wants YOU! The Horse World Magazine, the top magazine for saddlery horse business, is looking for a full-time representative for distribution and editing. Such positions require the sale of publicity, posting of messages and feature and travel around the countryside on horse shows.

Such positions offer a highly competetive wage, a complete benefit scheme, 401-K, leave and other reward. You can also get promoted in this full-time job!

The Horse World horse owner's resource

There is something about living with a horse. Here we tell tales of our loved ones, our races, our riding trips and all the ways our horse can make our daily work rich. Any horse lover knows that our horse lovers have the capacity to give us a better feeling, regardless of the cause of our emotional agony.

When we are teens, we shed teardrops in the mane of our horse, and when we are grown -ups, we think about long, calm riding or brushing to emphasize the lustre of the fur of our BFFs. Is your horse's hoof feeble? Horse food additives are available to solve a multitude of health challenges.

Here is a brief overview of how you can contain the bugs that bother your horse.

The MHW Magazine

Since more than 30 years the spring for everything that is thumbnail! Thumbnail Horse World provides printing AND converting at one cost! A unique, colorful bimonthly book presenting an élite group of farmers, owner and growers with fun storytelling, pedagogical items, stunning photographs and insight. Horse World is a continuous resource for all those who want to support this beloved and diverse race and the smallest and most beautiful horse in the world.

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