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Things you should carry on a horseback tour

So, when I went on an Africa horse safari to Zimbabwe at the end of the last part of the season, I had to think seriously about how I should combine what I thought I was wearing with what I was supposed to be wearing - for convenience, functionality and of course a little stil.

Since I found very little instruction on-line before and was equipped with a full pack listing of the nice folks from Africa Horse Safaris, I chose to do my own research, so here is my guideline what I should carry to draw this line between the practical and the sending during the game. Zimbabwe in early September, the beginning of spring/summer in the south of the country, and every single afternoon the temperature in the teenagers began to rise rapidly to the high 1920s.

So I had four pair of jodhpurs, only three and quickly made the AA Platinum Summer Silicone my first choice. They' are unbelievably light, with stuff that seems to remain somehow chilly, and they come in the brown I had chosen - as a tribute to the legacy of Blixen/Markham - as my primary color.

When I refused to let go of my romance, I took some floating blankets, but again I found myself in the same light, airy, breathable'technical tops' I would be wearing at home on a warm summers evening - like this AA Platinum Pula Short Sleeve. It turned out to be a kind of liveaboard outfit, as Isabel from American Horse Safaris and I wore almost fitting clothes on a regular basis.

I trusted Charles Owen Air8 to protect my mind and not let me get overheated (there are some guys who don't have helmets on safaris, but seriously!) and the temperature was still sensible enough that Ariat pads and Tredstep halfchaps made of genuine leathers were still portable. It would probably be better to take a couple of Dublin based meshwith chaplets like this one deep into the summers.

Charlotte, an Internship Trainee at Africa Horse Safaris, had one and it was the ideal place to store your telephone, sun glasses, lip balm and sun cream, and not to disturb with your horse-raiding. If you have one, a Go-Pro with hard hat holder is a good option - so you can record wild scenes where you can't use your mobile to shoot movies.

Wearing a bonnet or a light treasure is a good plan when going for a walk in the outback, and for the very long voyage back and forth I used to wear a light jump suit and put a large, light shawl and down coat in my hand bag for the comfort of sleep. When you are considering an adventurous holiday for next year, I cannot suggest a horseback riding tour - it is the best tour we have ever made to see a whole new part of the globe and the precious and wonderful African wildlife in the best way: between the two eyes of a hippod.

On a custom-tailored trip, Alex and Sam traveled with Africa Horse Safaris to Antelope Park and Bushman Rock, Zimbabwe.

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