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Definition of the horseback

The definition of the horse's back: the back of a horse. When you do something on the back of a horse, you do it while riding. The adjective [ADJ n] A ride is a ride on a horse. A horse's back. Go get a cup for your buddy Georges.

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Then there was a competition with cocpar (a traditionally playing on the back of a horse with a killed brat instead of a ball) and a show with extensive riding demonstrations. Prinz Charles and his Sohn Prinz William did not accompany their women on the coach trip, but were sighted in uniforms on horseback with army forces.

Walking and cycling are possible on some paths, pedestrian routes on others. There is a small bathing resort, a small lake, a small angling hole and many kilometres of paths for walking and horse back riding. Catching up with the ghost nation's hosts and sending Clem (Angela Sarafyan), who is contaminated with poison ous codes, through the rows on horseback, Charlotte Hale is the first to be killed.

Huts and camping sites offer a starting point to a small yacht harbour, boats for hire and trout angling as well as a starting point for hikes and horseback rides. Bella Hadid, the super model and horseback champion, is just the thing to prove the strong horse and posture horse rider has to offer. To celebrate your big day of Americaa, experience Bigfork's Western Stars and Stripes Gala with carriages, dance, 4-H members, shrines in minicars, and horsemen on a three-block city center.

The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources to represent the actual use of the term "horseback". Horsemen and women follow the paths with walkers in Brett Woods, a 185 hectare nature reserve. The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources to represent the actual use of the term "horseback".

You' re going on horseback. Well, we were riding on the back of a horse. So what made you look up the back of a horse? Join America's biggest lexicon and get tons more free definition and extended ads!


on the back of a horseshoe. Geology. a low, naturally crest of rock or pebble; an escaler. comparisons horseback. on the back of the horse: riding. made or given in a passing or spectacular way; rough or spontaneous: an estimation of the cost of building. The next morning he phoned the gates on horseback to ask for his lady.

And he was amazed to see Stolicer on horseback in front of one of the tavernas. Is not the whole country like a pauper on the back of a horse climbing the Davil? Then as for the practical activities, she could go horseback-riding on every man's back in her realm. He was a co-reature on horseback, clothed in an absurd way.

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