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Only a few riding competitions show the ability of the rider and the physical performance of his horse such as dressage and jumping competitions. Jumping equipment, such as horse jumping, and dressage equipment will help you and your horse to gain more experience in different riding situations and styles. Horse riding equipment list in Mongolia. Larger is not necessarily better, as these horse-friendly compact tractors prove.

Equipmentlist for horse riding in Mongolia

We recommend the following articles for our horseback tours in Mongolia. Mongolia is mostly sunshine during the equestrian period, with comfortable daylight and slightly colder nights, especially in the higher altitudes where we are travelling. Horseback rides in the Mongolian mountain can, however, get damp and chilly for a brief period during the equestrian period between May and October, so it is best to be cautious.

Mongolya is a place where you can enjoy all 4 four seas in one of them. Since we are travelling on horseback and transport everything in expeditions with pack horses, we try to keep things light. Each driver is provided with two 20 litre watertight equipment pockets, one for the sleepingbag and one for his/her person.

Every horseman also has saddle bags to take his own clothes and objects during the course of the year. Clothes can be washed and dried on both trips (10 and 14 days) if the wheather permits. People who have experienced horseback rides for several nights in the hinterland can have their own favourite clothes and belongings and are encourage to use what they feel well with.

Should you have any queries regarding the garments and expeditions listed below, please do not hesitate to e-mail or telephone us and we can talk to you about them or make further suggestions to make your trip more convenient and safer. We recommend horseback travel in Mongolia:

Developing and evaluating the body conditioning of equine therapy equipment

With advancing years, the stomach and back musculature is weakened and the stance or gait position is warped. This causes increased strain on the lower back and backache. To prevent this, special exercise is required that enhances the power of the stomach and back musculature. A study by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs found that 10% of Japan's total lower back pain[1] and almost half of lower back pains are caused by unwanted body positions (so-called lower back pains or non-organic lower back pains).

Back aches are muscle pains resulting from tiredness of the lower back.

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