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Things you should NOT be wearing during your riding holiday When you are hardly riding a horse and you like the film" City Slickers", you could consider a holiday on a horseback. Well, here is a funny Top50 Ranches story about what NOT to be worn....

. especially for the women. Indulge yourself, look forward to a whole weekend of riding in the open countryside, the sense of liberty, clean face and the sound of the game.

Throughout the years, everyone has been telling you what to carry on your farm, but has anyone ever said what NOT to carry? Equipped with first-hand knowledge, Top50 Ranches is here to tell you what not to carry on your run - for your security AND your comforts.

You can rely on us, that will not be pleasant while driving! And....the number 1 you should never carry on your farm.... drumroll, please..... We only pay attention to your riding holidays convenience! Well, since we have what we should NOT be wearing and have had a little bit of enjoyment, let us tell you what we should do.

Wearing what or wearing along with you during your dudes franch holidays can really fluctuate, depending on where you are headed, the style of franchise and the season of the year, so make sure to ask every franch you are traveling to. Ask each farm in advance to supply a hair drier and hair conditioner.

Pack for your sightseeing, think of your horse: Be careful not to try to take with you many heavier objects that you have to wear on your horses every workday. Putting heavier objects in your girth (often behind you on the saddle) can put a little extra strain on the horse's front.

Before your holiday at the farm we suggest you to get in form for your own convenience!

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