Horseback Riding Boots for Kids

Riding boots for children

Isolated riding boots for the colder months are also available at Ariat, Ovation or Mountain Horse. You can recommend a good boot for kids, I don't want to waste my money. If your daughter gets hooked by the horse bug, good luck to her daughter!

The best riding boots for children?

The best riding boots for children? I have a 6 year old girl who is about to start her first lesson in horseback riding this time. If she comes into the shed with me, she only carries gumboots for riding. She will be taking classes in the stable, which needs a suitable riding boots.

I' ve looked at different makes and types of children's westerns boots and even some zipped boots in zipper. I don't want to squander my dough. Either a definite hoody or cowboy boots with a bigger collar is needed in my forest throat.

As she will grow out of those boots, you may want to put in hoody straps that will hold her until her legs become much larger. If your girl gets addicted to the ponytail, good luck to her! It would not be my trouble to go with the boots of the "long hold " kind, because they will grow out of them!

So I went on line to a West catalogue (not sure which one, sorry) and found genuine calfskin boots for about $20-25 that my kids used. We' re driving English, but since my kids didn' want to show up, I just wanted something secure and inexpensive. Sooner or later I think I even bought a cheaper set of boots (maybe no leather) from TJ Maxx.

Hopefully, if the stable she rides in isn't too snobbish, you'll get away with a less expensive one. Some of the stacks used boots. Ariats I like, but with children's boots the zips always snap before the children grow out of them. I' m not having problems with my adults, just the kids.

Thanks for the tip on the zipper boots. The majority of the children in our barns are wearing the Justin Gypsy boots and ordering them from Rods. But I didn't want to pay $$$$$$$$$ for the boots, dispatch and service. I do know that my BO is recommending leathers over synthetics (especially not rubber) because the leathers are more supple, easy for children to keep their feet in the correct location because they are not struggling against a stronger charge.....

She had a set of British boots and it was very hard for her to flex her legs correctly and keep them in the right one.

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