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The Manhattan saddlery still rides high on old stable line

As riding was the dominating means of transport, horse riding stores were as usual as freshly squeezed fruit bar. It was so crowded with places where you could equip and maintain a horse that it became known as Old Stable Town. For the town rider, a scarce race in itself, the only store of its kind in the Old Stable is Manhattan Saddleryow.

"There probably isn't a riding business in the whole wide oceans that is as far away from a single equine as we are," said Nick Tsang, 31, the business proprietor. Smelling the scent of leathers pervades the spacious two-storey grocery and welcomes clients looking for calipers, bridle, halter, grain, stirrup and riding trousers. You can even find equine delicacies and piles of riding journals (Pony Quarterly, equestrian living, today's equestrian) to rummage and try out.

Mr. Tsang came into the possession of a equine business as before. Tsangs lived in New Jersey, where his mom acquainted the whole familiy with horseback riding after learning that it could turn out to be therapeutically beneficial for Nick's older sister, who has asthma. Falling in love on horseback, she dedicated herself to the Miller Harness Company, a Manhattan equitation business founded in 1912.

As the store was for retail on East Ohms Street in 2001, Ms Tsang purchased it and finally renamed it Manhattan Saddlery. In the store she finds a welcoming public for her latest tales about Asantro, her mare. Most of Mr. Tsang's sponsors are families of kids who take their classes on other people's rides, like Owen King, who came in with his girl Sarah in search of a hat and protection for the school.

Sarahs helmet, which costs about $400, was a necessary issue, Mr King said, as a body armor, was a requisite at many summer warehouses. Security - or rather horse - was the last thing Alex Roy had in his head when he entered the store. Mr Roy, who is testing classic vehicles as an editorial journalist for The Drive newspaper, comes to Manhattan Saddlery to buy clothes he can buy "without irony".

" He' s purchased a riding coat and a sweet hat on previous occasions. He was at the riding glove fair this year, which he wore while riding his three-wheeled Morgan, an open two-seater. and crumbled to lunch. Headline:

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