Horseback Riding Equipment

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Riding endurance is one of our specialities! The Ovation helmets are certified according to ASTM/Safety Equipment Institute. Riding equipment for therapists Everthing for horsemen with bodily problems from adaptable bridles and therapeutical riding calipers to map ramps and hippo aids. They are used in equestrian therapy centres and hippotherapeutic programmes all over the globe. You' ll find harnesses in length for horses and ponies, different types of stems, bridles, seat cushions and hippotherapeutic riding underlays.

We also have harnesses, walking harnesses and hippotherape padding to provide extra assistance to the riders. Here you will find everything you need for your rifle, from the first step up to the top, incl. side rein and pad. You' ll find double-rider bareback cushions, buckskin and gel-baerband cushions. Shops for British seats, Westernsadtel and Aussie seats, British seats for kids and Westernsadtel for kids.

Large gel cubes, large rubber froth bands in colours of rainbows and geometrical forms in colours of rainbows are popular with both teachers and their customers. We have a large selection of riding hats with riding hats for small kids, riding hats for big head and horse riding hats for Westerners. There are many different types of security stirrup.

Occidental security straps, tear-off straps, detachable straps, peacocks and foot-free straps are well known.

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Like you, we love to escape to the hinterland with our ponies and burros. We' ve tried and periodically used the equipment we provide here (especially our saddle bags, saddle bags and saddlebags) and we' re constantly introducing new items to better serve the needs of trailers, loaders, drivers and equipment suppliers.

We have recently added a nice range of leathersaddlebags to our beloved TrailMax-bags. Made in our Montana store, we are very proud of the calfbags' superior craftsmanship and superiority. Each part of the TrailMax line is our own unique style and meets our strict and exacting requirements.

Do you want to fix your seat or make your own saddles? Fiebings offers a complete range of Fiebings leathers care and processing materials, some leathers reparation instruments and a large choice of leathers, stripes, remains and sides.

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