Horseback Riding Gear

equestrian equipment

Ladies riding boots & clothing for English and Western riding. Everything that horses and riders need is included and can be done in style from head to toe. There is a wide range of riding equipment bags to suit all your needs.

Riding clothes for westerns

Mary's Tack and Feed can help you equip all the top equestrian fashion labels for grown-ups and schoolchildren. Westerns include show ring caps, trousers and show ring and daytime hobbys. You will find the best riding clothes and equipment for young and old.

Buy our shoes, spores, belts and other equipment. We would be delighted to welcome you to our business in South California, which has been operating ranch ers and horsemen in the region for years. Our westerns clothes come in different size for men, woman and children. We' ve got show trousers and accessoires, as well as elegant westerns and tops.

Buy our good-looking belt, clasps and cleverly styled riding leash. With our safety-certified westerns and trailer riding Helmets, we are representing the best and most trustworthy makes in the world. There are handmade suedeleather and suedeleather caps that are strapped over your trousers to keep your feet safe while riding. We have a range of show equipment including suitcases for your show equipment, coat hooks, shoe cases, show numbers, leathers and covers for British and Westernsaddles.

With the Mary's Tack & Feed embossed in wooden, our smooth bristles are a favourite gift for horses and westerns. The riding show shirts, jerseys and shirts in women's and girls' clothing are available in classical to modern style and colours from the most famous brands of occidental women's clothing.

Our range includes pro-grip rope gauntlets, blacksmith and bridegroom gauntlets and gauntlets for trails, coach rides, stables and show rings. When you have a question, ask your equestrian friends at Mary's Tock. We have been equipping equestrian trainers for many years, some of the world's best show jumpers and week-enders.

Also we have the best care products and equipment for your horses.

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