Horseback Riding Helmet Brands

Riding Helmet Brands

Tipperary Sportage riding helmet is a good model for many reasons. Large helmet Does one of your drivers have such a big skull that he doesn't wear your regular helmet? I' ve been reading about this in several boards, and recently one had readers ask for helmet referrals for this. So I thought it would be a good blogs posting to research and compiling the answers.

In principle, you are measuring around the helmet and measuring the helmet circumference. It can be difficult to know which helmet sizes to get: However there is a general consistency with most of them. Ebay has a good correlation between helmet height and helmet area. This will give you an impression of how the helmet height and helmet height are related and found out.

You can find a complete table of sizes for helmet brands at Dover Saddlery's Helmet Manufacturer Formattingcharts. The biggest one for each make according to Dovers table and I sorted it from the smallest to the biggest: Nevertheless, there are hardly any crash helmets reaching a height of 8, much less crash helmets that do not costs $200+.

This is where the helms are considered the best for big brains folks in the forums: Skull Cap Charles Owen (has not said what kind, but here is an example) - several citations. The Charles Owen Wellington Classic Helmet or the Charles Owen Pro Helmet - it comes in 8, but many web sites do not wear it.

One K helmet - Your site says XXLarge is 61-62 cm tall, helmet sizes 7 5/8 - 7 3/4, and that it is ASTM and CE EN standard, but does not mentions SEI certificated. Toxel headgear is slightly bigger and seems to have more room on the sides for round head. Riders receive their own specially designed helmet, which has been licensed by the physician for therapeutical riding.

About" Alternate helmet use" - there are PATH Intl. directives when dealing with such things A few hints from the standards: The third option is a non ASTM-SEI or CPSC helmet made of hard or supple foams, from a therapy provider, another type of sports or made to measure - with utmost care!

So I want to know what kind of helmet did YOU find to work for your big drivers? There is at least one person I know who appreciates your answer! Some of the things described in this diary may not be suitable for all equestrian instructors, riding centres, according to their status and use.

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