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riding helmets

However, with an English riding helmet from Schneiders you can have all three whenever you get on a horse. Helmets - Riding helmet accessoires Our helmets are certified by SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) and ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials). The best riding helmets and accessoires and leading brand names like One K, Ovation and Troxel. It is very important when buying a riding hat to know how to get the right fitting so that you feel well.

Newer helmets are lightweight, made from more sophisticated fabrics and generally offer moisture-transporting lining. The helmets we offer are both classic and a wide range of shiny school helmets. Each of our riding helmets has a fastener that fastens it to the rider's helmet and is also attached to a rig.

It' very important that your new riding hat is properly attached so that it offers the greatest possible shelter. Prior to starting your buying, we are offering you instructions for mounting our riding helmets. Measure the perimeter of the brow with an adjustment cloth scale about one centimeter above the brows.

On the website of the firm that offers riding helmets for purchase, you will find a table of sizes with which you can check your dimensions. Prior to trying on a pair of helmets, make sure that the adjustment system is as open as possible (some of the riding helmets on offer are fitted with a ratchet or scale on the back of the helmet to allow the pair to sit snugly).

Extend the chinstrap so that you can bend it and fasten it when you wear the hard-neck. Several of our helmets have cushioned, variable inner shoes that help you get a more personalized cushion. You may feel the headgear too close or too loosely and shaky, so try another headgear.

When the chinstrap fits well, fasten the chinstrap and, if fitted, the mounting bracket. Ensure that the headgear is upright and does not tip over. Make sure that the rim is flat and about one centimetre above the brows. A chinstrap should not be too loosely, but also not too narrow, so that you cannot move your forehead comfy.

Do not wiggle your hat when you are shaking your heads up and down and from side to side. When it wobbles too much, try a smaller sized one or another one.

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