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Nothing changes your perspective as much as observing maritime forests and beach dunes on your own riding trip to the beach holiday. Frustrated by this lack of available options for comfortable riding apparel and equipment, co-founders Kim Horton and Steven Wood were inspired to bring customer-focused shopping to the forefront of online horse retailing. The B-bar Farm & Tack Shop in Hillsborough, NC has summer camps, riding and parties. The fourth phase comprises the observation room and the saddle business.

"'A great school for riding lessons!

Horse Riding Beach Holidays

Nothing changes your outlook as much as observing marine woods and sand dunes on your own horseback riding trip to the beaches. Kilometers of sand stretching in front of you. The little ones will love the ring trips and everyone will be able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the families with a forest drive on their own paths. Riding lessons need to be reserved in beforehand and can simply be reserved by telephone:

Spend 60 minutes driving through the wetlands around Rainbow Island. Provide small horsemen with practical experience as they encounter, welcome and horseback the stableshorse.

Ipswich ( Massachusetts )

Doesn't your steed need a holiday? Maybe you should consider the Adventure Trail. As well as the 9:00 am riding crews, we have also added a dedicated 13:15 am excursion - a guided walk for individuals and groups who would rather have a guide. When you participate in this particular optional and participate on the date of participation, please be there until 11 am to sign up. non-competitive teen trails.

Our aim is to develop it for every age, every discipline and every riding level. You don't have a teammate, you're gonna try to find a teammate. We offer you a led tour through the paths and meadows of the riding areas Pipestave/Mill Pond, Riverbend and Dunn Farm. Hiking in West Newbury.

Refurbishments look GROSSARTIG!

Refurbishments look GROSSARTIG! Privat tuition - due to renovation work, our privat tuition is becoming more and more lively. Because of the losses of some adults we cannot exclude adults for privat tuition anymore. You can exclude adults who only need ratings and can be divided into categories.

In addition: Due to the high level of interest in one-to-one tuition, we will no longer adhere to the tuition schedule for 3 or more apologies sessions. Our riding camps are for actual pupils and advanced horsemen who are able to bargain in a group. Do you have any queries, please call us at 586-752-9520 or send an e-mail to

Do you have any queries, please call us at 586-752-9520 or send an e-mail to

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