Horseback Riding Squamish

Riding Riding Squamish

Adventure tours on horseback in the beautiful Upper Squamish Valley. Riding Squamish - Callaghan Valley. Squamish is a great way to highlight your inner cowboy as you explore the majestic rivers and forests of Squamish! Paths meander through breathtaking old rainforest and along the rivers Cheekeye, Cheakamus and Squamish. The Squamish offers many rural style adventures to unleash your inner cowboy.

Situated in the majestic Squamish Valley, just 45 min from Vancouver and Whistler:

Situated in the majestic Squamish Valley, just 45 min from Vancouver and Whistler: Enjoy the pleasure and liberty of riding a horse in the West. Join us for a drive through some of the BC's rugged rainforests, enjoy stunning vistas, riverside passages, dense brushes and luxuriant woodland rooftops.... Drive along and through the rivulets and affluents of the gorgeous Squamish Valley for an hours drive.

Soak up the view of Crooked Falls at first sight. Drivers of all skill level will appreciate this trip. If you are not yet experienced in driving, we suggest this itinerary. Drive to the wonderful hinterland for an exciting night out that you and your family will be talking about for a long time to come.

Give it a try at goldwashing, swimming in the stream and enjoying a cosy campfire with your horse and good mates. Prior knowledge necessary, at least 6 drivers.

Horse Riding - Lessons & Local Resources

We will not be renting trails for the 2018 holiday season, as our reliable tour leader has gone into retirement in the Callaghan region. Taking the while to find a serious substitute, Horseback Riding Squamish is a great way to highlight your inner Cowboy as you discover the magnificent Squamish River and Forest!

Paths wind through breath-taking old rainforests and along the Cheekeye, Cheakamus and Squamish River. Prepare for breath-taking alpine vistas, ice, waterfalls, an eagle and other game such as stags, coyotes, wolves and casual bears on the way. Callaghan Valley is 35 min from Squamish on the way to Whistler and is an ideal place to discover the breath-taking scenery of the western coastal area.

There are two types of trails: the Hockey Pokey Gold Rush Tour and the Hidden Valley Waterfall Tour. Trips last 3 hrs and involve free return transport from Whistler. You have 2 hrs on the way if you decide to go and see your tour guide yourself.

The Hockey Pokey- Gold Rush Tour is recommended for novices and rookies as the pace is reduced to a bare essentials. It is a beautiful and simple path with broad paths leading to breathtaking viewpoints. Those who already have horseback riding experiences should take the Hidden Valley Waterfalls Trip.

Take this trip into breathtaking ancient woods so tranquil you can even feel your own heart beat. Horse riding takes you along a chariot track that follows the beautiful Callaghan stream. Wait to see 1000 year old tree trunks, get excited by the 150 feet long Alexander Falls and enjoy the beautiful scenery with the horse.

Do you book trails in Squamish or the Callaghan valleys this year? The Callaghan Valley: Hiking is possible for children from 10 years. May my kid go riding with me (double room on a horse)? Please call us for a personal trip if you would like to incorporate this into your trip.

In the end, it's up to the Wrangler to judge your abilities and guide the trails. Horse and riding resources!

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