Looking for a way to feed your horse feed in a more natural and healthy way? Horsecare Foodbank offers grants for hay, grain, animal care & horseshoes to horse owners in Colorado who are in financial difficulty.

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During the first few years after its founding in 1923, the cereals delivered by the peasants were worked in mills. Since 2005, the large-scale plant in Waalwijk has been used for the manufacture of horses, hobbies and forage. Our main focus is the manufacture of pet food in the following areas: Growers of decorative chicken, chicken, rabbit, ostrich, lamb, goat, stag, poultry and water birds can select from a broad selection of products.

Requirements for these feeds are completely adapted to the pets in the amateur area. For example, a good mineral equilibrium, the right mix of vitamin and herbal ingredients make a healthful and energetic beast. Particular attention is paid to the food for young stock, because sound growing, especially during the incubation period, is the foundation for the further evolution of all cattle.

The Horsefood âthe Bestâ is a national recognized trademark for high qualitiy horsefood. Horsefood âthe Bestâ can withstand every challenge in conjunction with competent consultation. Safe and dependable organically grown fodder products manufactured in accordance with EU guidelines for organically grown crops. Further information on the various pet food products can be found on the products group pages.


Looking for a way to give your fodder a more naturally and healthier diet? Take a look at our ifFEED system to give your animal what it wants! Out in the open, horsemen often enjoy eating all-day long, not just a few times a meal a day as we do.

This is why we have designed our products to allow equine feed ers to imitate this type of nature by continually delivering it. Due to the all-day feed of the ponies, the amount of digestive acids, which is continually generated in all pasture grazers, is hindered from accumulating. Christian T. Dahl, who founded the company IFED, invented a way to feed small quantities of feed to patients to prevent peptic ulcers and colics.

Not only does this save your equine partner needless pains and discomfort, it also reduces your purse of expensive veterinary invoices and leftover stash. The vast majority of our top performers have stomach sores and colics. Currently, many donkeys are given a few large daily feeds, just as we would give ourselves.

We are not ponies, and our body functions differently! Up to 720 small daily feeds are provided by our system. They imitate perfect the nutritional patterns of nature in the horse's environment and help animals assimilate their diet so that they can avoid problems in the near term.

Our focus here at ionFEED is not only on the well-being and needs of your animal, but also on you as the owners. With all our heart, we at ionFEED believe that using our automatic feeder, which feeds slow amounts of feed to your hens, will make your lives simpler and saves you cash over the years. Find out more about the implementation of this feed technology in your feed.

Can' t await to help you get your horse on its way, to eat as it is supposed to by outdoors!

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