Other titles: Equestrian Sport, Horse Riding, Horse Riding, Horse Riding, Horse Riding. The art of horsemanship, the art of riding, the handling and training of horses. Horsemanship requires a rider to control the direction, gait and speed of the animal with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. A psychology-based approach means working with the inside of a horse and not with the outside (which many trainers still do). Equestrian art, equestrian art synonyms, equestrian art pronunciation, equestrian art translation, equestrian art English dictionary definition.

n. Learn natural equitation.

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There is nothing new about the concept of working with a horseman in order to achieve collaboration, with examples already described in Xenophon's two-part essay Über Reitkunst (about 430 - 354 B.C.), which among other things stressed operative conditionation and certainty about punishments.

Admittedly, soft exercise has always had to rival harder techniques, which often seem to produce quicker but less foreseeable results. Especially the western US Cowboy tradition, where the economy of the need to quickly brake a large number of semi-wild animals resulted in the emergence of a series of hard exercise techniques that the nature of riding has developed specifically to substitute.

There are many skills that concentrate on the comprehensive use of groundhandling skills to establish a relationship and understand each other with the other. Among the available options are the use of leadership and supplementary drills as well as the lunge ing of the horses or loosely in a round penn. Excessive use of adverse amplification in any exercise technique to raise the rate of desirable behavior can cause fear and distress in the equine until the above mentioned impulse or "pressure" is relieved.

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