Horsemanship Equipment

equestrian equipment equipment

Tailor-made harness loops for horses, ropes, exercise equipment, equestrian sports equipment B&H cable halters are open until Thursday 13 September. When you have a question about a new order or a problem with a prior order, your email will be sent back from Sunday, September 16. Orders for ropes are made to your specification and will take 5-10 working day and 3 working day to ship.

At B & H we use a high quality steel cord that is used by most clinicians and experienced riders. The ropes are all made in the USA. Customer specific sizes and option available.

Hold your ears on the floor.....

The equipment was made to our high standard and then put to the test by us "in the field" - under the harshest and most intensive usage environments, so we are confident to give a one-year guarantee on faulty finish or material. There' s something for everyone, be it 12', 22' or 45' line, nature wire holders, mincing holes, beautiful buckskin barback pods, Colt Start DVD, Finesse English & Western Reins, clothing, horsemans sticks and flags and much more.

At first sight, some may look the same, but it is the love of detail that makes the difference and allows us to back our guarantee. We are proud of the fact that our ropes are finished in such a way that they hold, the particular way in which we fix the ends of the leathers to the rider's staffs, the high quality/thickness of the leathers, wools, suede, raw leathers, high class yachting ribbons and other material used in our production, make us proud to award it the seal of excellence of the horse farm.

Join us and take a look around and maybe you will find exactly what you and your horses need!

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