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Sellers must present the correct passport for horses and ponies that are listed in the sale. <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents

Don't be put off by this pony ages, he has been described as an old man on young toes! Goes well to college, likes his flat work, really tries to please and work for his horseman, bends well, good transition and side work, high intelligence and takes things really fast.

Everybody can riding it and enjoying it, it's very simple. Knowing his business, he always deliver, on every trip he's been twice as clear, he learns the narrow corners in the jump-off and has always been in the placings. It is an absolutely perfect wish that can be fulfilled in every respect, it is so simple to have on the farm.

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At Horsemart we have a thousand horse for sale. Breathtaking 9-year-old house breeding filly, which is unfortunately for sale due to shortage of sparely. A good home is a top priorities This beautiful filly would distinguish herself in every event with an expert horseman or just as well to mother/...... The Lacey's a funny 13.

Two ponies, seven-year-old filly, three years at bangsamp. Clever Irish sport horse gelding. Irish sport horse gelding. 16 h. Three-hour Irish Sport Horse filly. She has extraordinary tempi and a very gifted jumping athlete. This is a wonderful fringe, with nice speeds and a very competitive vault.

The Molly is a really nice joke, simple and silent and fast reacting. Schulmeister Irish Wallach. Simple sport horse Wallach. Good-looking brown gelding. Universities force the sale of this fine salmon. Breathtaking walisian part broodmares, 16 years young. Sorry sale....

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