Horses and Ponies wanted to buy

The horses and ponies wanted to buy.

We are looking for Miniature Overo Horses / Ponies. I'm looking for another horse to buy. In our category Horses & Ponies you will find pony ads. -Stunning eventer up for full rent and option to buy.

Hose-Quest UK - Wanted: hoof ponies

On your way to university considering what to do with your faithful stallion? On your way to university considering what to do with your faithful stallion? I' m looking for the first in a million sure little pony that picks, too. Perhaps you are on your way to university this fall and we are asking ourselves whether we should be selling your horses, I am pleased to await the start of the new semester for the right one.

At first my new stallion is kept on my trainer farm until I am glad to take him home again. It'?s my perfect steed. Must have 3 good steps, too, because I love my training. I' m sure my new stallion will be satisfied with my free lefthand one.

Sometimes I don't get to go riding for a few day, a new rider must have the same temper to be able to go riding, whether he rides every day or after a few free time. Simple loading on a transporter, because during the day I have to drive alone to classes and to the hospitals.

I' d rather the stallion were within two and a half hour of Newbury, Berkshire. But if the future steed were flawless, we would continue our journey. I would like to thank all future horses who have sent me UP TO DATE vide and detailed information by e-mail. I' ll reply to all requests, but I can take a few extra working day while my coach evaluates the video.

Horse wanted to buy - Pets & Pets

I' m looking for a buyable or lvvtb which can be used for an expert..... Hello I have a 14 year old girlfriend I am looking for to buy a bangs and lease a country or to lend bangs and country, I am also looking for someone to educate me and my daughters.....

You are looking for a 3-9 year old filly or a Gelding. I am looking for a rental with the possible prospect of buying. An affectionate farmhouse waits with other horses..... That was the horse! Search, buy horses. Wallach or filly for committed, seasoned youngsters. Because of the pension of my 30-year-old son I am looking for a horse to rent, possibly to buy (but with a very tight budget).

I need it to be healthy and secure when..... Baccalaureate hackers wanted to buy loans / lwvtb / (small budget) to bear weights (carry 16 stone) at least 15. Buy for 2 hours, loans or loans with a focus on the purchase. The Wanted hackers. I' m looking for a beautiful, relaxed youngster between 14 years. A well-constructed model / counterweight beam for mother-daughter part, must be 2 to 15. 2 h, 6 to 12 years old.....

I' ll look for a buy it. I' ve been looking for pasture to buy or to let in Devon. Wanted: Country/field/paddock for long-term rental or for purchase for dogs to train and train. Because of my filly, which must be withdrawn by paralysis, I am looking for a mortgage in order to buy or a long run credit, but must be able to move a good 14hhhh yard.... I am looking for a 14hhh for 2 girl to horseback riding and a lot of lovem.

I' ll look for a steed to buy something 14.3-15. I would like to buy a 2 or 3 year old steed forever. Skilled equestrian on a beautiful Devonian farmyard. I' ve been looking for a friendly, willing and secure steed. My home is eternal for the right one, filly or gelding and under 10 years of age. 3.

Privately owned horse camp for hire or purchase near East Chinnock Yoovil for 2 horses. 4 hours plus sought after by ripe, seasoned owner/rider (30 years experience) and..... Seeking pasture 1 to 4 acre to buy.

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