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Dummy horses can help you understand the horse and how it works, both physically and mentally. Horse for dummies, 2nd edition | Pet care / horses | Pet care (general) | Lifestyle | Fans Section I: Beginning with the basics of the equine world. {\pos(192,210)}Chapter 1: Welcome to the world of horses. Section 2: Horses from head to hoof. Section 3: Review of favourite breeds of horses.

Section II: Selection of a stallion and the material belonging to it. Section 4: Preparation for the purchase. Section 5: Making the big buy.

Section 6: Getting started with the equipment. Section 7: Storing the equine animal in comfort. Section III: Caring for your horses. Section 8: Establishment of an everyday routine. Section 9: Keep your horses neat and beautiful. Section 10: Preventive measures against health problems in horses. Section 11: Investigation and treatment of equine health problems. {\pos (192,210)}Chapter 12: Giving up the dam.

IV: Easy to handle your stallion. Section 13: Working with your horses from the ground. Section 14: Choosing a riding discipline. Section 15: Preparation Before Ascending. Section 16: Take charge in the saddle. Section 17: Safely stay on (and around) your horses. Section 18: Competitions on the horse's back.

{\pos (192,210)}Chapter 19: Horseback ride for fun. {\pos (192,210)}Chapter 20: Ten equine Myths. {\pos(192,210)}Chapter 21: Ten great movies about horses.

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Like you and any other pet, your stallion is prone to problems with your wellbeing. In order to see things from the horse's point of view, you have to know - in the truest sense of the word - how to..... If you do everything right, your stallion can get ill someday. Fundamental equestrian abilities are as necessary on the trails as they are on a bridle path........

When you know what a sound animal looks like, you can immediately recognize when something is going on..... It'?s a big thing to buy a damn steed. Proteins are an integral part of a horse's nutrition, and you want to make sure that your food is..... It is not every disease of the horses that demands a hectic call to the next vet.

When you spend a long period of your life hanging around in a barn, you will find that horsesmen..... On the other side, horses are not cosy domestic animals; on the other side, you can't canter on a k....

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