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Saleshorses Allrounder over 16hh. Breathtaking Irish Mare sport horses for sale in Kent, Southeast! Big allrounder gelding All Rounder Horse for sale in Kent, Southeast! Kody's been hunting lightly for the last two years. It is a solid 16hhhh with 8 1/2 bones.

All-rounder:: About 16hh

She had a baby before she took part in the game. He is well educated and willing to take part in advanced (1.30 m) class show jumping competitions for young horses. Places in young horse competitions for advanced (1.10 m) and elementary (1.20 m) class.

An ingenious sports stallion, with good forward motion and a lot of ambitions. And what kind of horseman does this steed need? For all riders looking for a young athletic pony with great talent and a very good approach to show jumper. With a female hobby equestrian she drove up to class S* (1. 40 m), where she did well.

She is now prepared to jump in S* (.40m) level. In the mares test she received a grade of 7.6 and was honoured with the award. Several placings in the M** (1.35 m) competition for young show jumpers and many other tests.

She is a good filly with the right temperament. Argentine is straightforward and forgive driving mistakes. Which kind of horseman does the steed need? This is a top ham and a light riding for junior and female horses. This sports horses is classified as a trustworthy and quiet horses because, according to the information of the Teutonic Centre Partners, he is a particularly good and quiet one.

Please be aware, however, that all horses may return to their instinctual behaviour as flying cats. In addition to her varied workout, she already has extensive ski and events expertise. At the moment this filly is prepared for CIC* competitions as well as show jumper classes (1. 20 m) and young horse classes in A.

Places in the cross-country competition for young horses of class A*. He is a trustworthy and good companion who concentrates on the horseman. She' s particularly suitable for show jumps - whether cross-country or show jumps, she likes to jumps and always comes close to the leap. She' a dependable ski racer on cross-country ski-tracks.

Which kind of horseman does the steed need? He is a stallion for demanding equestrian events. It is also ideal for pony touring horses. She is a really cute and straightforward filly. Though at her own years she is a great choice for an beginner or beginner because she is so quiet and relaxed.

She' s jumped out a few BN√Ęs and finds that prove simple and not ghostly. She also has the ability to be a succesful show jumper or fighter for the States. This beautiful 16hh three-year old acropolis out of a Selle Francais filly (Desir Du Chateau/ Quidam De Revel x Doris De Coquerie by Graf Ivor) is a licensed stud with world-class blood lines (Voltair/Saphire) and an excellent outgrosser.

His offspring include the famous Kannan, Concorde and golden medallist Kellemoi De Pepita, to name but a few. Known as the "queen" of show jumper sports, Sapphire was without question the most succesful filly in show jumpery. She is a beautiful and beautiful filly, standing quadrangular.

In all three steps Jolene is moving well and shows both flexibility and clear thought in her freejump. She is a great showhorses for adults and young riders. He is already able to complete a basic course (1. 20 m) during his apprenticeship.

From now on he is prepared to take part in elementary (1. 10 m) class show jumping competitions for young horses. He has placed extensively in advanced (1.10 m) class show jumping competitions for young horses. Which kind of horseman does the steed need? HARVIEY is a nice natural animal who is a holy man coming in and out of the shed.

He' currently in the ring for the Explorer class and proves to be very uncomplicated.

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