Horses for Sale for Disabled Riders

Sales horses for disabled riders

Nice project/ beginner horse for sale. parahorses World Class Para Horses production and procurement - Let me help you find your ideal Para-Partners! Being a seasoned Para horseman, I know the needs of the Para horseman and also the demands on a Para horseman. I' ve been part of the disabled riders' world for a long while and I know how different handicaps influence the riders and how this in turn affects the fitness of the horses.

I' m out there at the highest stage and I see the trend and the standards of the equine that are necessary to really make a point about the "big time".

I' m training young people so that they can mature into parahorses and prepare older horses for successful years. I' m training my own horses - actually 2 horses I have been training were actually qualifed for the 2014 World Equestrian Games for the canadians! It is even more difficult to find the ideal paracy to compete with the regular level of performance - it takes exercise, looks and training, but also the right attitude for the individual trainer, the right feeling for the trainer and the right biomechanics for the rider's handicap!

IS NOT FOR SALE!!!!! For my customers I want to find horses that fill their life with passion, pleasure and prosperity - just like this one! If I can use my vast experience to find your ideal mare - call me on +447740624284 or send an e-mail to to talk about how I can help you.

Horseback rides for the disabled - horses & ponies, deer and selling

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