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Big mind, big agility, big jump and super fun and comfortable ride. Jumping competitions for young horses. KWPN Dutch warmblood horses, Belgian warmblood horses and German Hanoverian warmblood horses. There are first class show jumpers for sale.

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Here is the complete listing of all horses for sale in our equestrian world. Please click on a picture or an advertising cover to see more information about a particular animal. A warm-blooded warm-blooded animal originating in Germany. Typical 12-y. Verband-Premiummare' Dressage' Typ full stallion foal by fantastical!

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However, the place of birth of the equine can be different... In any case, the most favourite places of birth of German horses: Some of the most sought-after races of horses in Germany: The following horses are characteristic for Germany: The majority of sales horses in Germany come from: The most favoured specialisation horses from Germany:

Vendors are the most favoured offer for equestrian sexual intercourse from Germany: Vendors are the most sought-after offerings for the German equine age:

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Import fine-grained gelding out of the country. Doña Dessa DEC has a great affirmation and outstanding basic paces. The foal should be a top perspective for the pro or experienced novice level amateurs and an advantage for any stud. Born of the marvellous colt Don Juan de Hus (Jazz/Krack C/Damiro) and out of our marvellous import statepremière Dark Pearl (Dimaggio /Feininger/Lungau). ....

6-year-old stallion foal by Premium GOV and mare book AHA, marvellous movements in training, 18inch walking overline, up hill under achieving Trob and gallop Simple to handle, amateur-friendly. Also other Premium brothers and sisters who work in training and jumping fields. Beautifully harmonious exterior, very long legs, large bones and large, strong ankles.

Undersaddle, great work ethic, lots of pictures and videos. Outstanding hunter contestant...... Always educated in training, but also shows talents in jumping. 3 qualities and a friendly approach. Ideal for a young or grown ham. Nanni " is a tall, pretty young filly with the gift and inclination to be an outstanding horse for amateurs.

Since she was 5 years old she was successfully exhibited in the USA with her amateurs in the lower jumping division. Unbelievably friendly, stable, forgiveable, unshakable steed! It' the best choice for a jittery ham who rides again. Ideally suited for breeding, light pregnancies and foals, good to handle with foals on the side, no trucks, great for vets/blacksmiths.

Until today she rides trails, ponies, tents, rides, jumps (very little) and is trained in training. Disco's World Man is an amazing Württemberg 2011 from Germany and is situated in Chattahoochee Hills, GA (just outside of Atlanta, only 20 min from the airport)! It is very hilly with large gears and inherent elasticity - but light and comfy.

Discotheque has got pro grade, but the temper for a Jr/Yr or AA to raise the level. Disko was voted USDF Training Level Horses of the Year in 2016 with a media value of 75.568%! Dr Drambuie GF, b. 2013, was to be our next PALLOMINO STALT, but my world has changed and I have to go and buy this extraordinary sire.

The only licensed broodmare of the Donnerhall line, his father is probably the best warm-blooded horse in the world: twice Premium and Elite, Panachée. Her offspring include the first licensed Cremello WB colt, Mascarpone GF.

Their father, the Hanoverian stud Philippo, was one of the.....

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