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Equestrian for sale in

" Dusty" is one of the most beautiful mares in the barn! The Twombly Performance Horses is specialized in Reining, Trail and Ranch horses! Do you know that the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) also has a Working Cat Adoption Program? These include horses from the state of Montana. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY;


Equestrian for sale in Virginia

Our horses are bred, bred, selected and trained in person. Offering the largest choice of sports horses at the best price on the East Coast. All our horses are healthy and well. We have horses from 1-3 in temper, have no vice, health problem or workouts.

We have introduced our horses and our shop in books such as Practical Horseman, Hunter and Sport Horse and Covertside. Wallache under saddle have a price of $7,500 - $18K Mares under the saddle have a price of $4,500 - $12K - CALL for free on the web or other discounts.

Cheyenne, Wy!

Upcoming sale December 7 and 8, 2018 Las Vegas, Nv! Wellcome to Twombly Performance Horses at Coyote Slide Ranch in the West Nebraska area. Specialized in the education and sale of high value wallachs and broodmares. We' re looking for exterior, disposition, colour and good Pedigree and athletics. Ranch, trails, roping and cleaning is our primary concern and colour is a grade we are looking for:

Buckskin, dun, grulo, blue rose, pink rose and pinkie. With our wallachians we are riding through thick bushes, big hillocks and precipitous gorges up and down. Horses are taught to be smooth on the face and to take their proper guidance, to stop on "whoa"-command and to move away from the nape and impression.

During the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo on the streets in front of the Cheyenne Depot Museum and also the December sale in Las Vegas, NV during the National Finals Rodeo.

Workinghorses for sale in Montana

It is our aim to make available horses that are successful in the areas of pruning, rearing, breeding, working with cows, abseiling and crew horses as well as in the raising of good, sound outcrops. They are very well equipped and we have a variety of cut, clean, abseil, work and cattle horses and studs that can be sold privately.

We are striving for quality in our disposition, in our cowsense, in our hearts for pleasure and in our minds for learning. Should you have any queries about any of the horses, please call us at 406-537-2333 or send us an e-mail to

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