Horses for Sale in Arizona Craigslist

Arizona horses for sale Craigslist

Cassey is a mare with a pedigree, brain and body that most people are looking for. Cassey can be your next rodeo horse, or a hiker. SMS us for her videos. AZ horses for sale.

With Craigslist, Phoenix Man accuses Craigslist of having found a sexual record steed.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office representatives have once again arrested someone who went to Craigslist to have sexual intercourse with an Animal. A 22-year-old Phoenix man this year went to Craigslist's Missed Connections section to look for a manly mount "on which he can perform the act of fellatio," according to the MCSO.

Craigslist's ad that was still online at the date of this posting was posted on April 8 and reads as follows: I' m 22 years old and I want to go playing with a man's pony. It's that easy. When you have acces to a man and can give me acces to a man, please get in touch with me;)

Investigators could have identified the posters as the 22-year-old Donald Waelde, according to MCSO. A Craigslist user who had a "real interest in horses" approached MCSO out of revulsion, Sheriff's Office said. Sheriff' s Department of Justice, "In the covert inquiry, Sheriff's Department of Justice and Police interviewed the unsub and Waelde committed in a interview where the unsub indicated the sexual act he wanted to commit on the mount and consented to meeting the covert investigator on Tuesday.

In fact, the sleuth went with a steed to the Anthem rally point and borrowed one from MCSO's Mounted Posse. The Sheriff' s Office says that he acknowledged the ad and "announced his intention to complete the deed".

The MCSO congressman also acted as a subpoena at the Phoenix House in Waelde. It is MCSO's forth such sodomy breast from a Craigslist post since 2011.

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