Horses for Sale in Illinois Kid Safe

Equestrian horses for sale in Illinois Kid Safe

I ride my daughter Kaylynn and I for pleasure, but I leave the show ring to her. One's a mare and one's a gelding. Cute little Paso Fino mare. Child-proof and husband-proof pony! Beautiful big pony for sale.

Safe Horses Kid for sale in Illinois

There is a very lovely and adorable 12 year old Paso Fino for sale. A good horses for the hes good familiy with other hes healthy pets in its best state, if having a good health..... Pretty nicely around the filly, she went everywhere, from 4 hour appearances over trail up to some....

Child and spouse safe bangs! It is a first class colour piano that has done this before. He' s been shown, rode on paths, rode.... is a nine-year-old 15.1-Hand QH filly. with 1 Hands QH Stallion. Got a beautiful jogging, pick-up runs in both direction. The Molly is very philanthropic and would be perfect for beginners.

She' s one of the most gentle, philanthropic horses in the world....

I' m a 1000 Public Group.

A Tru Rolex is one of the highest top class sires in the APHA breeding heritage. It was bankrupt to go horseback as a 2 year old, but we used her as a brood mare until we began horsebacking her again last year.

She is a very uncomplicated filly under horseback and always strives to please her horsewoman. It has no lorries, does not pedal, does not jack, etc., but we suggest a middle jockey until it has more driving to do. It goes easily through ...brushes/wood and can go alone or with other horses.

It also grazes with 5-15 brood mares and geldings and is located at the lower end of the pile. It has 6 colts and is a very simple Z├╝chterin. And all her colts were either brown or dark and all were of Tobian. The majority of her offspring have been marketed to breeders in the United States and are highly diverse.

The brood mares and our colts are only for sale, because we stop our brood programme and change to pensioned horses. Someone interested in snowboarding can get reference and a copy of a copy of the DVDs of our facilities/farm. There are free DVDs with many images of all the horses we have for sale.

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