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The blacksmith does not need any maintenance. Horse for sale in Utah Smoké is a beautiful deerskin Gelding with tigers and dorsals on all four feet. LocationsSpanish Gabel, UT...

. Here is a 2005 AQHA #Chestnut Stallion. LocationsSpanish Gabel, UT.... A great foundation filly with an excellent Pedigree. LocationsSpanish Gabel, UT.... This great filly goes back to King-p234 in her fifth generations 4 time.

A very soft hiker. is a 14-year-old balomino son of alderman. Dewey is an AQHA-registered 12-year-old colt. They cultivated handicrafts and flotsam. Pistole is a lovely all-round horseman, he is not wallpapered, but his fangs say that he is about 15-18 years old..... Bigsparktocash GVG is a 2014 AQHA/APHA filly by Big Chex To Cash and out of White Hot Spots.....

Location West JonDan, UT.... This is a five-year-old gelding that has been correctly launched here at the farm and is.....

Wellcome to BLS Horse Sale

NOON SALES IT! Whether it' rural, rural, farm or regenerate, this sale has it all! The catalogue is open to all categories and offers riding horses, ropes, ranching and utility horses, prospectuses, broodmares, stallions, horses, young horses and more! That sale is crammed with good horses. In 2015, we delivered 6,884 units - an annual sales volume of 625 units on an average.

Any area of sale - even bulk, catalogued and open items. Every EARLY FORM, we have a catalogue sale with a high value range of ranching horses, horses, cows, ropes, genuine views, unusual broodmares and horses sold here at BLS. In order to further clarify our policies, if the horses are sold at 6 p.m. on Saturday of our sale, the horses are granted another 42 hour - on Monday at noon - soundtrack.

We at BLS Horse Sale consider what we call sound: seeing from both perspectives, hitting the floor well in the sky, on all fours and not tingling. It is your trust in our sale that makes the big deal happen! We see you selling - and don't forget - at BLS, We Like Horses!

That horse (s) was (were) not on an area where T.equigenitalis was quarantined during the 60 day immediately before being exported, or on an area currently under Quarantine or Examination for CEM. Only Texas Horses: Supplementary information for horses from these countries: 2. the horse(s) was (were) not on a holding where the vesicular stomatitis (clinical or serological) occured during the 60 day immediately previous to the date of exit, nor did the disorder occur on an adjacent holding during the same one.

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