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Explore horses for sale in Maine, America's largest horse marketplace. at JCB Horse Sales, LLC, East Corinth, Maine. and trailers. It' been a few years since she was ridden because my spine doesn't allow me to enjoy her anymore. Click through our menus above to get a lot of information and to see the horses we currently have here in the stable!

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A BUSTER - 10 year old quartier horses gelding. The Buster is a great all-rounder for the ring or track. Prior to his arrival to the West, Buster had been worked on a farm where the day-to-day work, which included cows, open spaces and paths, was sewn. It has a beautiful stroll, jogging, and is lucky to run...o or track, is roadworthy, neckties, tie straps, and much more.

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It is the pre-loved icon, which has the shape of a balloon and the character pointing to it. The character point towards the middle of the balloon is the letters pointing to it. Words'Preloved' are displayed next to the label, that is the label showing a balloon and the character marked with the letters marked with a middle cutting out of the middle.

Words'Preloved' are displayed under the brand name.

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Spécified Perils Insurance will help you cover things like fire and thunderbolt, earthquake, electric shock, flooding, transportation hazards and attacks by beasts. Honorary Chairman and Lib-Raunner Brandon Phillips and Chairmen PJ Rizvi, Visse Wedell and Penny Bradley are now setting the standard for Wellington's most famous horse-riding fundraiser even higher for the 6th year.

Cat Fuqua is celebrating with coach Michael Newman.

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No consignation, sale of horses or trading with horses. When I don't believe enough in a stable to put my own funds into it, why should I want you to believe enough in the same stable to put your own funds into it and have it as your next pet and your next traveling and amusement mate?

I would not consider putting up a stallion until I have been with them long enough to know who they really are and how they react to all the many different facets of their lives. Not everyone can know this in a few day or a few week, even if some salesmen take their horses before they have it long enough to need the blacksmith - sometimes even before they have seen it in the field.

They are not horses I just got last weeks or months, from any sale of horses, or from some "horse dealers/brokers" who tell me how "trail worthy" they should be. Inquire of any prospective salesman where and from whom his horses come and how long he has possessed and rode them because you have a need and a right to know.

I' m familiar with all my horses. They are horses that I (David) myself tried before I selected and bought them. I look at an approximate 12-15 horses to find the "one" I will eventually take home and spend most of my "free time" seeing new horses and horses who are looking for these very particular equine mates.

All my horses are listed as "Tennessee Walking" or "Spotted Saddle" with the uncommon exceptions, as I have found that they are the best all-round trails and amusement races available year after year. The majority of my horses for sale are bred and reared here, bought as years old and reared here, and have sometimes been living with me for two years or more.

They are professional mouth/teeth, they are up to date with the latest vaccines and deworm every two months, eating Purina Impact 12 food and high grade hey twice a day, are fogged and rode by me and are a part of my everyday lives and work. My gang horses are never rode in "Langschaftmeißeln", "Knebelmeißeln", "twisted Drahtmeißeln " or any other hard kind of "Walking Horse"-chisels and/or with much support with narrow curbs.

First all my gait horses are trained in a simple "snaffle bit" without kerb strap/chain for a very slight contact. All my horses have standard legs with NO long toe or low heel, NO weight bearing or over sized footwear and are as naturally tarnished as any standard walking horses of any race should be.

Since every single animal is a singular person, my description, video and my own insight are inventive and special for this animal and not only with the new name or a little bit of variety here and there. All horses are described as honest and accurate as possible. Because I know them all very well, I can understand how a certain pony acts in my work.

I' ll never tell you that my mare is "BOMBPROOF" or uses "Trader Gimmicks/Tricks", but I can tell you that my horses are rode and tried by me on a regular basis, not by a rented "cowboy/girl", and they have proved to be as sturdy and stable as any live/breathing haul.

Since I begin with NON-SPOOKY horses, they don't need to be "trained" so as not to haunt or frighten, so I devote my free day to horseback rides and have a good day learning new trailing abilities. I' m not going to adorn myself with fake words or excessive assertions just to get someone to unknowingly put his confidence in a certain equine.

You' re welcome to come and test any kind of horses, photos and video clips are available for inspection, pre-selection tests before leaving our yard by a veterinarian of your own choosing (at the buyer's expense) are welcome, and testimonials from former purchasers will be provided. Like you, I want the equine /human relation to be a complete succes, so I have many things to ask you, just as you will do for me.

Every one of my gang horses has his dentist's documentation, hardware documents, AVID chip registrations, a recent Coggins test and is equipped with a brandnew travel-mountaine. They are cattle and there are intrinsic hazards associated with every single one you buy. When you' re not willing to take those chances, please don't think of a single one of my horses.

Thanks for coming to my site. My horses (I could), but I put them through a lot of genuine trailer tricks that really matter... A malnourished mare that wasn't "kid/beginner/husband broke" because it just didn't work well. Many years ago I asked an expert rider: "What is your favourite rider?

If you have had the chance to horseback riding and own a great youngster that has a neat shale, no poor habit, big older horses that you see are not great because of their aging, but because they were really big younger horses..... I' ve learnt from people I've come into touch with and who tell me their "cheap" equestrian tales that the costs for a really great equine are usually lower than the excess of the sickness fund.

They do not waste any ride when they heal an injuries or try to get over the fear/trauma that the saddle has created "cheaply". It is a fool-proof way to save your next stallion and indisputably proofs the precise identification of each one?

Breeder and exhibitor association and/or the association of the Fleckensattelpferdezüchter and exhibitors. For every mare I am offering, I have these documents and autographed transfer in my hands. "Collector's Kentucky Wildman "Horsemanship really is a relation between man and animal and in my opinion the most important part of owning a stable.

The best thing is to spend the amount of what you are willing to give back in terms of your horses or partners to a large extent. It' a reciprocal participating exercise, so if you just want to get saddled and anticipate the horses to do anything, even babysitting, while you just hold on tight, do them both a huge favour by getting a great shining ATV to riding.

If you are starting with the right type of horses, there are really only two things you need to do to have/hold the one of your dream. First of all, you have a very clear idea of exactly who this is. Secondly, everything you do with this animal should work for this purpose.

Even if it was not, your mare MUST always believe that everything he/she does is in fact 100% YOUR invention! It' just not gonna be any better than that, point. Images and video. Picture 1 2 More images and video as soon as possible..... to get a drinks, so to say. Thats one of those blood lines and like blue and bold, Smokey made so many great figures I just used them all..... and from South Carolina for horseback rides and trailer the best right along with Smokey.

Hereshey made so many great photos that I used them all....... A 3h smoothly riding budy..... full information, photos and video as fast as possible..... 3hrs of affectionate trailer partners.... full infos, images and video as fast as possible.... like Texas and a mood cuter than Halloween sweets. He' s back......... here, so don' t miss to make him your next trailer mate.... easy, he will be parking, so it's only a swoop up.

He' s back...... here, so don' t miss making him your next trailer companion..... take on new challanges and hurdles, almost child's play. This is the great younger horse's great happiness and youth. Beats Gold Bullion..... living on Mars, a sasquatch, the Easter bunny, and much more in a pack.... assembling and will not move a single muscular thing until he is asked and leaves like a genuine gentlemen.... blood lines that are very similar to my own bomber, he has the genetic makeup to be intelligent, riders are all important, but nothing beats genetic when it comes to big equestrian companions..... quiet, stable, confident way to ride the trails to a fun.

Cute, lovely, and I'm so delighted to be offering him his last caring home. He seems to be attracted to the" Blaue and Boldo and Big and Beautiful..." and when you show up on a track, "Alligator" has rode him everywhere in a group and he is equally glad that in the years ahead you think of many different things in the life of the horses we like.

It is my passion to raise and train my own horses and to have the possibility to make them into something so that they belong to someone without poor habit or "luggage" that is borne by a less perfect life/house. This will give the new owners the enjoyment and the possibility to make the horses "their" and to rid a truly original one.

It' s difficult to see how it could be better than to ride, ride and grow with a great youngster who wasn't "around the block" yet before. âTime and timetable didn't work together to take photos/videos.

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