Horses for Sale in Ocala Florida

For sale horses in Ocala Florida

I'm getting ready for the Florida Horse Sales. Sales begin on Saturday at 12 noon in the Southeast Animal Pavilion. Horses for sale at Winter Circuit.

Horse for sale in Ocala, Florida, FL

2017 APHA Bay Tobiano Wallace, in daily use, tall and really good looking with great promise. The happy chestnut grantee is beginning a new carrier. athletic and charming, "Luna" comes from a varied heritage of sport horses and she is the impeccable.... Angilbjort Asta from Saga California- looking for a home, nice grey filly, 13H, 18 years, .....

Bo Dinfarri by Extreme Farms - looking for a home, lovely chequered Gelding, 13H, 15 years, ..... Good manners 2 year old foal from the first guy, healthy and in practice, breeze, goal work, need goal map. She has a nice family tree and is a very accurate, reliable brood mare. Your blood lines are Barb Rhino and Doe Horses....

QH Wallach with a beautiful spirit. Is used as a travelling horses.

The Haylo Farm

Haylo Farm is situated on an area of 1,200 hectares in the centre of Ocala, Florida's equine area, and has been manufacturing horses for almost thirty years, Hunter Under Saddle and Westerns Pleasure. Many AQHA and APHA world and reserve world champions, congress and reserve congress champions, NSBA world champions and several future champions have been created by our meticulously chosen broodmare group.

In 2006 Haylo Farm was nominated AQHA Grower of the Year, with the MOST win and MOST win for each grower in the 2006 show year.

Ocala HITS Winter Circuit

If a group of vendors have all their horses in one place, we organize a small on-line celebration for them. Equines with live campaigning are added to the list here, sign up for a promotion here. Sales of equestrian update from Ocala: Choose a weekly below to see the available horses for sale: Ocala January HITS Classics I ........

There are 2 horses available for sale. 16 January - 21 January 2018. The HITS Ocala January Festival II ........ Three horses available for sale. 23 January - 28 January 2018. <font color="#ffff00">HITS Ocala Premiere III <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents Three horses available for sale. 30 January - 4 February 2018. Ocala Winter HITS Classic IV ....... Available 4 horses for sale.

6 February - 11 February 2018. The HITS Ocala Winter Festival B ........ Available 4 horses for sale. 13 February - 18 February 2018. Ocala Masters VI HITS. Available 4 horses for sale. 20 February - 25 February 2018. The HITS Ocala Tournament VII...... There are 5 horses available for sale. 27 February - 4 March 2018.

The HITS Ocala Winter Final VIII. ....... There are 9 horses available for sale. 6 March - 11 March 2018. <font color="#ffff00">HITS Ocala Winterfest <font color="#ffff00">IX>-==- proudly presents There are 5 horses available for sale. 13 March - 18 March 2018. The HITS Ocala Championship X ....... There are 5 horses available for sale. 20 March - 25 March 2018.

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