Horses for Sale in Oregon Craigslist

Equestrian horses for sale in Oregon Craigslist

Also I discovered that the seller currently had five more horses for sale on Craigslist. Monthly professional cleaning of the horse's hull (Summit Loop Turner, Oregon). Any characters Recently I saw an ad on Craigslist (of course) for a "surefire" 6-year-old Norwegian fjord gelding who was a "doll baby" for $1,500. But the only reasons it was for sale was that the owners "wanted to go to school soon" and "had too many horses. "And I also found out that the salesman currently had five more horses for sale on Craigslist.

Calling the number, I talked to a very friendly teenage girls who said that she and her dad had 30 horses (one of her advertisements on Craigslist said 40). Said that she has had the fjord for two years and that the horses is beautiful and calm. Said she couldn't show me the stallion for a whole weeks (which I thought was strange).

On Sunday I went to the saddle a horse a week after seeing the ad on Craigslist. Arriving ten moments earlier, I saw a vast meadow full of horses, followed by two humans on feet and a few hounds (!!). There was a flock stomping around the meadow, and I couldn't imagine any good reasons why anyone should do this with their horses, especially as I should be there to try one of the horses for sale.

The fjord was hung up in a round enclosure (homemade from timber, a fence with very high sides) and had clearly already been worked on. This was probably the probable cause why I was asked to see the stallion later in the morning. She said that she had carried the Gelding on paths that night and that the soil was so muddy that the saddle almost snapped his back.

" As it is somehow difficult for a human animal to breaking its back when going along a path, I suppose they chased it. She was the only female on the compound. We had a fellow (younger too, maybe in his early 20s) who watched us, and a few other grown men who went for a walk on the yard (this was a privately owned house, not a residential or educational facility) and took horses here and there.

She said her father had a fractured tank. He was a bit excited, because the whole flock ran around the meadow and he was in the round stable. Finally the horses ceased to run on the fields and the fjord settled down. Next, the little lady tells me that the Gelding "has been on the fields since August", which was not even reported in the ad or in our telephone call a fortnight before.

It'?s February now, so it's a long way till the horses aren't ridden. She said the stallion only needed a mile. "Said the little maiden ridden the fjord in the round box and the stallion was extreme idle and refusing to walk more than a few paces. As far as I could see there was no place to ride on the ranch, and the Gelding remained in the Round Pen the whole while.

Clearly something was wrong and this saddle was certainly not "completely broke". "When I asked what they were doing with 30 horses, the little lady said, "Show them, raise them...". Well, I suppose she missed mentioning, "tracking", which is what she said to me in our initial telephone call.

Turns out the little gal is a high student, so she doesn't really "go to high school soon". "She said the fjord came from a ranch near the street where a man allegedly raised her. However, he employed a lady to take good look after her, and she did not do her work, so that this special gelding ended up being far too overweight.

She and her dad took the gelding in, broken him and had to go and buy him. There was no registration of the gelding, but " he could be. "I liked the saddle despite everything and began to wonder if I should buy it. She said to the little one that I had organized a vet's examination before the sale and she said quickly: "You won't find anything.

Discovering that the steed had no Coggins, the young lady and her dad all do their own forging. I asked her who her veterinarian was, and the little lady said, "Um, we use a number of different ones. They' re probably horsetraders, aren't they? What were they doing walking the horses in the pastures when I went up (and they probably didn't expect me to come too soon)?

What made the Gelding refuse to go quicker than a stroll? And I knew it was a terrible signal when I went up and saw the little gal who was already on the Gelding in the Round Pen. It was a terrible one. Well, I don't really know what's wrong with this guy.

Can a teenage boy even buy a pony? A part of me really wants to believe that this is a great stallion that just needs a good home and that the sales people are sincere about everything. There'?s nothing I can do but sense something wasn't right. Unfortunately, I have chosen to do without this one.

Swear I' ll stop looking at Craigslist. I' m still sorry for the pony. She said,

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