Horses for Sale in Washington and Oregon

Equines for sale in Washington and Oregon

Out of our best moving Anglo mare by Coastal Smarty/Mr. Prospector TB Stallion, Gunner is the best. The Quarter Horses and Cattle is a ranch that is raised and bred with performance. And Hazel would be a wonderful horse for a child ready to move on to the next level.

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The Galaxy is an 8-year-old color/appaloosa gelding, standing on 14.3 pairs of arms! The galaxy is being studied by means of a vaccine, worms, hoofs and recently by a practitioner of chiropractic! Standing still handcuffed for care, bath, saddle. It would be a stunning child's pony or a tranquil riding animal for someone who wanted a smooth, straightforward journey!

At a price of one thousand five hundred for a fast, easy sale!

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There is no such thing as a perfectly made stallion, but we might have the right one for you. You can also be sure that we will provide all sincere information about the known medical record, workout and driving aptitude. All our horses are x-rayed when they join our range or have at least had x-rays in their files for the last two years and the video is kept up to date.

As we know it is expensive to travel all over the UK in the quest for your ideal match, we will give you all the information in advance. Enjoy the lightness of the Summervale horses programme. Our company is a full-service centre for sale and consulting and is at your disposal!

It is Jennifer who accepted a small number of horses for long-term schooling. There are also two coaches who can help you and your horses to progress your education together. There are a small number of boards and we also offer Hol-Ins for long-term customers. And Andre's a great match for me. Anyone looking for a good looking thoroughbred that starts their quest with you and your crew would be recommended.

Cheers, Place on 70 Azores just East of Roy, Washington, Summervale is a nice resort that is constantly being improved. There are fourteen large, 1 hectare grassy meadows with loose scales, each with a tidy, arid feed area, and fourteen 30 x 50?, which are fully cared for in all weathers, No-Mud docks with loose scales, which are cleared every day.

There is also a 14 stable stable with very large 14 x 16 stables and several 30 x 30 side shutdowns of the stable which are available to all our clients who include horses in our programme or have horses in a show programme with Jennifer Williams.

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