Horses for Sale in Washington state

Equines for sale in Washington State

For sale horses in Washington. Friesian TRFGF horses for sale. Equine property for sale with immaculate NW Crastman Home.

Horse for sale in Washington. Horses Classifieds. Ponys for sale, for rent, for trade.

and for a rookie at school. Put options: To sell. Arabic, Arabic horses register of America registered, number( s) of registration: The Pony Club Prospect, therapeutic riding prospect, Pony Club Experience, therapeutical driving event, and more. Put options: To sell. Pinto, Pinto Horse Association of America Registered, Register Number(s): 127187, Born August 2001, Mare, 5. 1 hand, base colour is chestnut.

British pleasure perspective, West perspective, pony club perspective, therapy horseback perspective, West perspective, therapy horseback ride perspective, hiking ride perspective, relaxation perspective, West leisure perspective. Put options: To sell. Evening Prospect, Halter Prospect, Natural Horsemanship Prospect, Westerns Prospect, Trail Racing, Recreational Prospect, Trail Racing, Competition Prospect, Westerns Pleasure Prospect, Westerns caling Prospect, Tronçonnage, Perspective, Barrel Racing Prospect, Cordage, Réining Prospect, Team Penning Prospect, Team Ropercking, Sentiers, Trail Racing, Expérience récréative, Recreational Prospect.....

Put options: Mustang, AQHA Quarter Horse Cross x Mustang, foal January 2012, mare, 15. Holder Prospect, Recreational Prospect, Sentier de randonnée, Prospect récréatif, Sentier de randonnée, Prospect compétitif, Prospect de randonnement Prospect de Prospect, Trail de plaisir Prospect, Trail Prospect, Trail de Randonnée, Prospect de travail, Tri de bétail, Shortchecking Prospect, Working Prospect, Working Prospect, Screening Prospect, Sport-Cheak, Recreational Prospect, Trail -Cheak, Trail -Checking-Check, Trail Check, Trail-circuit Prospect, Western-Creasure Prospect, Western-Creck Put options: To sell. Horsemanship Prospect Natural, Horsemanship Prospect Westerns, Pony Club Prospect, Prospecting Therapy Westerns, Trail Westerns, Prospect Competition, Vaulting Prospect, Vaulting Prospect, Pleasure Prospect, Sorting Prospect, Team Penning Prospect, Trail Westerns Prospect, Freizeiterfahrung, Prospect, Sidesprospect.

Put options: To sell. Westerly view, hiking ride, recreational perspective, hiking ride, hiking ride, recreational experience. There were 8 records found in the Washington Horse For Sale/Lease directory. 1 new entry was found.

Pferdefarm, Farm offers

Hidden in the Washougal landscape, this grand house is 3600 square meters of luxurious living space on 10.54 hectares of landscaped land with stunning view of the town. The riding facility satisfies all your needs with a 22,000 sqm barn/arena, fully fitted with a 100 x 200 closed/illuminated stadium, perfectly suited for training or showjumping, ten 12 x 17 stables with elastic matting and automated watering systems, a saddle room,

heating washing and care cabin with ground drain, video surveillance of stables and pasture, 5 enclosed pasture areas with holster box, irrigation and Lean-Tos, a round pasture, mobile home and caravan park and a 3,344 sqm store with the option of up to 8 12 x 12 stands. Centaur fences for the horses' security and longevity fence the area.

Privately and safely, it lies on a tranquil highway and yet only a quick ride into the city and 20 min to PDX and 30 min to Portland City. Entering the electrical door, take the curvy entrance to the imposing house, which has a round entrance and an adjoining triple parking area.

Enter an airy lobby full of daylight with cross-talk flooring, a high arched roof with wood-panelled highlights and a fanlight. The house has an open floor plan and good use of spacious areas with shaped and informally designed eating areas, a contemporary kitchenette with Granit worktops and KitchenAid and DCS units, a centrally located islet with a eating area and stove, a cosy lounge and a shaped lounge with a log fire.

A beautiful lounge at the other end of the house, with a beautiful lounge area, where you can see the horses playing outside in the meadow, a chimney in porpane with a stony border for spending Christmas night and a classy bedroom with two walk-in cupboards, a bath with a view and a walk-in showers, is situated in a secluded piano grand piano at the other end of the house.

Enjoy a wrap-around decking that makes the most of the magnificent scenery and is perfect for observing the horses playing and enjoying the views over your early bird café. This estate was designed with the horse in mind and has been equipped with luxury functions and is really a must!

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