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The number of horses represented in Texas is 1500 or less and has 35090 members. Fifty-fifty Brown Grade Horse Mare. Find Under 1500 in Horses & Ponies for Rehoming | Buy, sell or adopt horses in Ontario. She's a cute little horse used in a riding program. 1.

500 Bay thoroughbred gelding in CA. $1.500 - Bay thoroughbred mare in FL.

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1hhh spotted filly, professional fractured as 5-year-old rider and driver. But in fact she's too small and too much for my abilities, she's being trained by a girlfriend who is surprised at how quickly she learns.

Two hours riding and driving, pulling everything you gave her. She is a 4 year old foal, approx. 14hhh. She' one of the calmest fillies you would find to horseback riding or driving. There will be very calm driving all the time. 14hhh Joy is 4 years old and drives.

She is a unique self raised filly for sale because I don't have enough free training space. 2hhh Springpony with turn, 12 years old. It' to make. 2 hours riding and driving, this filly is 1000% riding and driving, she is 6 years old. Bomb-proof in circulation and will do 15 ft.p.h. and pace with it.

3hhh plus as now just under 144h. Managed by Brimstone Swells every day, beautiful riding and driving style. I have a very calm stud here. My handicapped uncles are driving him, a little boy can take him. He' s 6 years old, very calm.

Princess, 4 years old, ca. 15hhh brown horsewoman. She' s very calm and friendly. Easily handled on the floor, easily stapled and fogged up and operational! Everyone's rides. That'?s why he's not a beginner. He' d make a great show-jumper.

She has three big steps. 2 hours leaden reinsponpony. Just enjoy doing bangs that are always in the bands. Tradional mares, JMB h. 129cm. 2hhhh, May 2017 bay, foal mares b/w. 2 year old Welsh sec G 2 year old Filly from Hillgarth do Ron Ron, a very good moveable foal and our broodmare with Nebo Daniel sire.

Gonna be a very good riding or driving stablester. Just for sale as too many on. Very good children ponies, carts and dishes too. 3-year-old filly for 15hhh, well breeded mare foal from 15hhh father and mother. Well-managed and very calm from the moment of delivery. 3hhh, 6 year old Gelding, ruddy and knows.

It is very silent to deal well with shoes, mufflers, boxes and brushes. It is bomb-proof in every respect, rides under the seat, rides in every car and seat belt and is extremely secure in dense transport. He' s a true personality, missing with sadness from his older owners, hence this sorry sale.

Brighter, better behaved and more discipline, 15. 24hh, 17 years old Gelderlander x Welsh Wallach for sale. The Squire is a light coloured horse chest with 4 long socks. Optimal driving and driving. Cause for sale, owners are going into retirement because of cancers. Quick sale without wasting your precious years. A 4 year old projectbreeding horse for sale has been ridden, was free and is now prepared for retraining.

Prince is a 4 year old Appaloosa Gelding with an amazing drawing. He was purchased 6 month ago by Prince and he has been selling me as a riding and riding pen. I have a video of him riding. But I don't have a good enough fit to fit him well.

We' ve now given up all horses and are very sorry to be selling the right home. Shortly broke to ride and walk well, but still very much verdant. Calm in handling and on the fields next to the broodmares. This year he has bred two almost puree fillies.

Sorry sale. ToYBY breeded a small 6 year old and very calmly. 4-Year-Old, simple to use, sturdy, catches, etc..... Selling because I wanted to go for a ride. 14hhh Horsewoman, 7 years old this year. She' s a very strong filly, unimpressed and forward.

They don't have to nag this filly all the time, they just like to go on with their big, heavier toes. It' apt for a kid to horseback riding. 2hhh fringe, she is riding and driving. It was on a 10 year old's trip through the town of London and has not set an incorrect footing.

She' s an perfect familypony, because she' s very good-natured. 2-years old gelding, now 14hhh. She' s riding and driving, 1000% bomb proof in every kind of road! She can be ridden by kids of all ages, she is so calm! Usain Bolt is a 4 year old, full 2 4-hour old Welsh DA gelding.

With the friendliest, most authentic natural environment, Bolt is simple to use in every way. Calm enough for a kid or a kid. 1 hour real filly, calm to be ridden, just about to leap sticks. He has three good gaits, Trob, Galopp and will be jumping over a leap.

He' s also broke to go, he goes in two or four wheelbarrows, moved a live car to Appleby. Micky, 13hhh are riding and driving 13-year-old geldings. Easily to use, also suitable for the youngest. Smooth-running filly, very silent to use, lifts all her legs, is easily caught and charges the first tim.

Belly is 100% under horseback and has three good steps to go, Trob, Gallop, will do a small leap. She' s holding up very well, she has also shown a little under the back. ell is also bomb-safe to go in two or four wheeled wagons. Foal for sale, very well grown, the breed goes back to Hairy Gerry and McCaan's black-legged equid.

A good filling foal with tonnes of feathers, images do not do this filling foal credit. Complete turn for sale bangs carts and harnesses. This is one of the calmest ponies you'll find. He' s very clever looking bangs beautiful hair and cock and very well made. He is a very friendly and calm bangs with very good behaviour, which he is used by children every day, he lifts up all four legs and likes to be caught very easily and to be well loaded.

He is a millionaire horse to be ridden and driven, he is riding under the horse with three good steps walking / trotting / galloping up or down weight. It is also very good to go in two or four wheelbarrows, you can put it in the center of London in bustling transport and it will be as good as golden, it will be standing for about a few hour.

And the only excuse he's for sale is because the young maiden has outgrown him. Father of many top racehorses. Perfect for running with a filly. I' ll trade him for the right Stagbi regare. very inexpensive steed. Ms Fly, here I have an upper, quadratic filly, she is full nurse to the best quadratic broodmare, Butter Fly.

She is shoed, was on her way up to the northern part and bought a child. Horse is a sure thing. She will be well over 30mph, very high quality filly. She' a beautiful filly, as you can see for yourself. That filly is willing to have a good time with her.

She is a very important broodmare to see first. 3 hour horserac. He' had a few tough years and I got him for a lifeblood. 3-year-old filly. Really? Extremely silent, perfect for the drive or the show ring, 14hhh.

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