Horses for Sale under 2000 Dollars

Sellers under 2000 dollars

Pferd ID: 2118878 - photo added/renewed: Fourth Horse, British Columbia, $2,000 USD. Beautiful 14 year old Quarter horse mare. Buy, sell or adopt 354129 JDR Sparko Dollars Mare Find Under $1000 in Horses & Ponies for Rehoming | Horses in Alberta. Second-hand 2000 Featherlite 7304MTGN 3 horse trailer with 4' short wall.

Second-hand trailers for horses

Well-kept caravan in good conditions, led lamps, hinged window, ventilators in the equestrian area, good tyres, 8' high 8' broad rake, large saddle room with wardrobe, skylight,..... /2002 Featherlite, 3 horses, slant load, ramp, 4' dress room, swan neck, 7'6 "x21', one own.

In good shape with bonuses in 2002! Neue Ba..... 2005 Kiefer constructed 3 horses sloping glass weight with dwelling. 1994- Sundowner Rancher Sport 2h swan neck pendant. - mats in horse area. All in all, the trailers are in good shape and can be transported! - Plexi glass inlays for the side panels are located under the mattress.....

With Featherlite in mind, the trailers were specially designed to be converted into campers. 6 Horses Sloping Cargo Warm Blood Trailers. "5 "5" rims and tyres, all new highlights and new finish. Inclined semi-trailers for 3 horses. Tyres changed 2 years ago. A holster hooks in the back bolt.

It has good tyres only about a year old and it only has a few mileage since they were bought. A 4-horsebox has been added to this trailers..... A beautiful older four horses with a large wardrobe. There is a saddle room under the front crib, 2 tools cabinets on the lefthand side and platforms to the two front stands.

This pendant has some signs of abrasion, but it has been well serviced and is very secure. The pendant is especially broad and high, with back stands that go over the bike housings. Trailers with side doors and loading platform..... weekend-pack, beautiful neat trailers, new Virginia State inspection, cooker, cabinets, 4-horse sloping cargo, blanket, saddle carrier, sells by Hal Cole Trucks, Inc. --11330 Washinton Hwy. aAshland, VA.

I' ve got a 99 Sooner for sale. 4-5 horses with lounge area fit. Semi-trailers 2010 Continental Cargo Livin' Quarter. It is 40 long, 8.5 wide' with a 8 ft high ceilings in both the lounge and the hold. Loading space floors and the back loading bay doors.....

Formerly 5 horses sloping weight with residential area. Semitrailer has several outside shelves, cribs, batten walls and 3 sleeping places. Hardly used (maybe 150 miles) 2017 S&S Duraline 2 horses / 16 feet horse/stock semi. Middle goal, tailgate with slide, front pocket for emergency exit doors, leisure and tyres.....

Proline-conversion by Outlaw Living Quarters. Specifications for equestrian trailer. Four horses. Includes 4 L.E.D. charging lamps (1 kerb side, 1 sec..... Of course you bring your horses with you, so you and your team-mates need used horses for transporting the cattle. Considering your budgets and your tastes, start looking for a robust, dependable yet affordably priced truck that will do the job.

A number of trailer have a wardrobe which is useful for setting up remotely or for initial adjustments. Characteristics can be a loading on ramps and a robust aluminium structure with metal frames. Certain pendants have a back buffer and a detachable Perspex disc for the horses. Bigger trailer for two or more horses can be equipped with hinged doors and louvers.

A number of pendants also offer the owner, with residential spaces that comprise built-in seats with stowage, a kitchen sinks, light, flowing waters and even wooden floors. If your crew is slightly bigger, you can also find used four-horse-trailer.

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