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Locate horses for sale that are right and willing to sell under $3000. The horses are available directly from breeders, owners and trainers. Sellers under $3,000. CONFIDENCE BOOSTER FOR SALE: $3000 VIVA'S VIDEOS: Nautical Horses Only for rehoming (no tack ads) under $3,000 has 3390 members.

Trekking horses for sale under $3000.00

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All-rounder:: For under $3000

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In May Nevada was able to give away almost 3,000 free-running horses.

Almost 3,000 free-ranging horses in Nevada's Virginia Ranges could be in new possession by the end of May, the state officers said. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Agriculture of Nevada launched a call for applications for those willing to take over the icons. Those who oppose the gift say it is a "catastrophe" for the flock, which many consider to be the West's Nevada cultur.

It is the outcome of a mishap between the Ministry of Agriculture of Nevada and the Nevada Wild Horse Campign, the non-profit organisation that once had an equine management arrangement on the state' s behalf. 2. They canceled the deal with the initiative in October and said the voluntary organisation was not doing its part.

This group denied the characterisation of the division and blamed state agents for subverting the business by encouraging third party managers who were not part of the covenant. But in December, the d├ępartement went one better and decided to give up all state property in the horses. Tuesday's RFP is basically an effort to find a non-profit organization willing to take over 2,951 horses.

"The intention, as the executive committee sketched during their session and in the RFP, is to choose an ownership that will keep the equine populations on the track and make it easier to adopt horses that need to be taken off the track," said Jim Barbee, head of division, in a writ.

However, those who oppose the plans say that once the state gives the horses away, there would be little or no leveraging effect for the new owners to keep the horses on the property. In contrast to most of Nevada's horses that roamed under the authority of the Virginia Bureau of Land Management, Virginia series free-range horses are classified as either savage or "estray" and are subject to state courts.

This means that they are not covered by government rules restricting the sale of game horses for butchering. Virginia Range's equine populations include all the wilderness and estray horses that travel in the area limited by U.S. highways 395 to 95A, Interstate 80 and U.S. Highway 50, according to the Dep. "Should the scheme to give away the horses continue, the general opinion would no longer have any influence on how these horses are administered and treated," the ad hoc report states.

It seems that the tender of the division recognizes that after the property is transferred, the new owner would have full command of the horse's destiny. By May 15, a choice of new owner and a change of title could take place.

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